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Oh, please. Nintendo's not going to stop making handhelds any time soon because Nintendo's still the king of handheld gaming. Therefore, they sell handhelds better than all their competitors.

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Unless they go bankrupt, Nintendo will continue to make handhelds long after the DS.

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I think it's a bit too early to judge that. I think that there will be a successor to the 3DS that might rival today's console technology, but that's just a thought.

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They're looking into foothelds next.

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Yes, we will still be using our 3DS' in 100 years. 0.o



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It'll be the last one I'll buy, that's for sure. Unless Atlus releases more games on the 3DS successor. In which case it won't be.

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No dont believe it Before Brawl Came out a bunch of people said there was going to be no Brawl because Sony just Bought out Nintendo

and it is Latest not the Last

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No one remotely credible ever even jokingly said Sony bought out Nintendo. Where on earth do you get your news?

Not that this topic is any more credible.

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It's true. I was there.

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this is how I feel about that idea Untitled



Panda wrote:

That's because you did it wrong the first time. Everyone, hey everyone, TBD is officially responsible for the 64DD and she also killed Earthbound forevarz!!!!!

it's true, it's true... i just love the squeals of angry fans, they're music to my ears. >:3

that said, you seem to forget that you were the one responsible for the Virtual Boy during your own reign of terror... D:

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Adam wrote:

They're looking into foothelds next.




Uh, Nintendonerd, I think they said latest, and that has a very different meaning. "Latest" means it is the newest of the bunch, not the last.

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