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Topic: 3DS+CPP as a Wii U controller

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I feel like they might do this with the next version of the 3DS. I assume whenever they do a redesign it will have a bigger screen with dual slide pads.

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Here is hoping for a bigger and redesigned 3DS. Also, there is only room for one echidna! :O

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Using your 3DS as a controler. Good.
Having to shell out an extra $20 bucks for a a big hunk of plastic (CPP), to be able to play it. Bad.

Nintendo already haves enough of our money, they could atless make it easy for us.
After seeing what Nintendo gave us at E3, they didn't waste any money on making us a games worth getting this year. Must be saving it for a new 3DS.

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Knux wrote:

Here is hoping for a bigger and redesigned 3DS. Also, there is only room for one echidna! :O

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