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Hey there, ladies and gents.

So, I bought an XL a while ago. And I had read about the free game promotion where you can get a free 3DS game if you buy and register an XL and Luigi's Mansion or some other game.

I registered my 3DS XL on February 9th, not knowing that you had to register it after the 14th. I then purchased and registered Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon a few days ago, and wondered why I didn't get the option to get a free game on my Club Nintendo to-do list. I then re-read the details about the promotion and noticed that I had to register it AFTER the 14th.

So my question is, is there any way at all I can still get the free game? I haven't played Super Mario 3D Land yet and would love to have it on my system.

TL;DR: I registered my 3DS XL 5 days before the date I was supposed to. Is there any way I can still receive a free game?


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i don't see how, any more than how those of us who bought the 3ds xl when it was released can get the free games. them's the rules.

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