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Has anyone else encountered this issue with the camera on their 3DS(XL)? Whenever I use the camera, it will have green lines and static throughout the whole screen. It wasn't a problem until about a month ago when my brother noticed it while playing Pokemon Dream Radar. I didn't think much of it because the camera isn't really a killer app anyway, and it wasn't doing it that often, but after some time has passed and I wanted to mess with the camera for 3D, the green static is showing up constantly 100%. The camera app completely doesn't work at all on my 3DS XL. I made a repair order last week, and was debating on whether to send in to make sure it was not going to work. Now after a week has passed, I realize I have to. I know Nintendo does repairs fast and kindly, but I just hate not having my console with me. It's still under warranty, since it hasn't even been out for a half year yet.

Again, has anyone had some funky things happen using the camera, or any other app?


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