Topic: 3DS: Worst $250 I ever spent

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I bought a 3DS launch day. Like I did the Gamboy Color, GBA, N64, GCN, and Wii. And I couldn't get any more dissapointed than I am right now.
I only used my 3DS 4 times since I bought it. The 3D effect is dull and adds nothing, the lineup is lack-luster except for Resident Evil: Revelations and Kid Icarus. Super Mario 3D Land looks like the worst Mario game since Mario Teaches Typing.

I'm never buying a Nintendo console on Day 1 again.

So my question is: How much does Gamestop give for a 3DS?

I have about $60 left to pay for the PSVita games I preordered.
And I need about $90 more to get a life size Helghast Soldier replica.


I agree, the 3DS is trash.

Maybe if you trade it in toward the purchase of a Vita they'll give you more

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wow really... IMHO its better then any nintendo handheld
Honestly whats wrong with it?

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this thread makes me very angry...

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Well, it's apparently not your cup of tea, so go find something else that suits your fancy. In the meantime, I'll play my 3DS every single day and look forward to the future.


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The gamestop by my house offers $50 extra dollars when you trade in ANY console. So I know I'll get at least $70. Whats MH?
And I aint a troll. I'm just so pissed they rushed the 3DS without any good games. shitty online. and the same generic touch screen.


If your username wasn't a game I absolutly adore, I would've slapped you. >:I
Actually I wouldn't, but call Gamestop if you really want to know how much they'll give you.

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...I just wanted an excuse to post that video.
also lol, generic touch screen? I'm mad at the Wii U. It has those same generic buttons that we've been plagued with for years.



There's far more worse things you could have spent $250 on.

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Im not trolling, sheesh. I freaking love nintendo. but never before have i been so dissapointed. It was SO rushed. And Im definantly not a sony fanboy. I despised the xperia play.


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