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Well TBH, At first I never wanted a 3DS XL, but after my normal 3DS console started to malfunction, I saw the perfect opportunity to get an XL. So.... if you want, you can buy an XL. If you want something cheap, and hate the 3D, 2DS is your best bet.

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I finally got a 2DS (though I still havent obtained screen protectors so I haven't played a lot with it). I can say it is a charming 3DS model, it looks much better in person and fits perfectly in my hands. I can also say some other things I noticed:

-at first the buttons and pads feel "cheaper" compared to the XL and Original (O) models, but the feeling disappears after some time.
-it is comfortable, like a mutant GBC.
-the screens look great, as usual.
-the screen is "cool", like the O instead of "warm" like the XL.
-there's no "super awesome hidden 6th brightness secret setting" and the screen is about as bright as my XL's, but since the screen is cool it's less noticeable.
-the sound is louder and doesn't sound that bad.
-the top screen is deeper into the system, and it kinda looks like 3D because of that.
-I keep trying to adjust the screen because I'm not used to seeing the top screen at that angle lol.
-it fits my pocket! (Carrying bag and all)

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For my birthday this April, I plan on getting an XL. I played an XL for the first time at a special Nintendo event demo in a mall back in mid-December and was seriously impressed. It made the normal 3DS right by it seem tiny in comparison, though a normal 3DS still doesn't look bad at all. The only issue that I've noticed about the XL that I might take issue with is the audio, but I'll still keep my normal 3DS for listening to music. Now it's just a matter of what color or color combination I want.



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