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...I have both. I can't imagining giving up/trading one of my handhelds...maybe my Gamegear. Anyway,

Personally I prefer the 3DS XL, the larger screen and better battery life is a must have.



I have an XL because my vision is terrible, and the tiny screen strains my eyes.

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In terms of comparing the two, 3DS XL all the way. It's not much more in price, made better, and the larger screen is a night and day difference in game play. You can use the 3DS transfer utility to move all of your save data over also, but that won't work if you get rid of your 3DS first. My wife and I still have our original two, and two 3DS XLs lol

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I hope someday that Nintendo releases a 3DS that is seen as the equivalent to the DSi, where it not only has a different look, but has new features too (I always call the DSi, DS2).

With that said, I prefer the original 3DS and I won't get an XL because I don't need one, plus I don't care about the upgrade to size and extra battery life.

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After having my 3DS XL since September, I can't look at another DS screen at all now because they're so tiny! I honestly don't know how I played on the original 3DS... the screen's are so minuscule and the ergonomics makes my hand cramp like hell.

XL all the way!

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3ds or 3ds XL, which has better resolution, go.



3DS Xl.. has better battery life.. cuts down on glare.. plays Nintendo DS games better.. on a bigger screen.. and basically the 3D effect.. (To me anyway ) is more defined.. Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D looked alot better on my XL than my old 3DS..

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You_Silly_Human wrote:

3ds or 3ds XL, which has better resolution, go.

Google really is quite an amazing tool, but since you can't use it apparently...

Resolution (longer) 320 px, 800 px
Resolution (shorter) 240 px, 240 px

Resolution (longer) 800 px, 320 px
Resolution (shorter) 400 px, 240 px

If you're talking about graphics resolution, they're both around the 480p mark.

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3DS is better. It is more shiny, has better sound, better PPI, i.e., less pixels/better "resolution" because of the smaller screen, more portable, looks more professional and less fisher pricy, headphone slot not interfering with the left hand, has the 3D light, and I think the circle pad looks a bit bigger. If you don't have one, you can choose either, but otherwise, I wouldn't downgrade to an XL.

I'm not sure. I was underwhelmed by the demo units of the XL. It looked so much cheaper and less quality than the original. Having said, I didn't even consider XL because there wasn't a white or a black version, so now I might change my mind with the new black XL.

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I got a red 3DS and a Pikachu 3DSXL, but the XL is way better quality. From the moment I got the normal 3DS I thought it looked like a prototype. All the corners are blocky and the overall design looks rushed compared to the smooth DSLite and DSiXL I was used to.

The 3DSXL has the same good quality as the Lite and i's:
No smudging on the upper screen.
No extra smudge around the buttons since of glossyness.
The power/start/home/select buttons are actual buttons, not a plastic layer.
The stylus is in a good spot to reach for quickly and it's bigger, well, you don't have to pull it to make it bigger.
Better battery life.
The edges around the screens collect less dust and crap.
The 3D button clicks off and won't be accidentally turned on.
Having Animal Crossing: New Leaf on on both at the same time, I think the XL is way easier on the eyes, especially making patterns.
The hinge for the top screen isn't loose.

The only downers are that the 3DSXL does feel heavier, it's a bit less portable and all the cool accessories are made for the normal 3DS.

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I say another reason 3DS XL is better imo is because it's overall more durable.

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I just recently got my 3DS XL and I have to say it's quite addicting. I played with a friend's 3DS before and after 2 hours straight of playing... I stopped.. now with my XL, whenever I look at my DSi my eyes hurt because they seem too tiny XD LOL but XL is still better. It's only $40 more (trade in a game or two or something) and you get a better system with better specs (battery life).

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In my personal opinion; the only issues with the 3DS XL are....

.....OH! That's right, it has next to no accessories available.
I can honestly say that I don't find anything wrong with it; and I love the look of it (mines Zora blue ).
I love my XL, and if I'd bought a standard 3DS, then had a go on an XL - I'd upgrade immediately.

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My only two issues with the 3DS XL

1. It's way too heavy
2. A battery charge doesn't stand for that much.

Aside of those two problems, I'd really appreciate if Nintendo could make a new release of the 3DS XL with a TV-Out feature that could allow to play the games on a big tv screen, but I know that it would never happens because Nintendo thinks that it'd cannibalize the sales of the Wii U.

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Little 3DS hurts my eyes. It's weird, I never had that before I bought my 3ds xl. I really got used to that big screen. It's the only reason why I like my 3DS xl better though... it does have some issues: it's big (too big) there are almost no accessoires available, and the battery Life (is it just me or does it only charge longer?)



You wanlt better(as in brighter, crisper and more colorful) picture quality with a next gen sleak & shiny caked layer beautiful design? get the original

You wan't more comfort, better functionality and bigger screens with a fisher pricey cheap build? get the XL.

I sold my XL, and stuck with my 2 original 3DS's. I found the XL overall to be dissapointing and it didn;t retain the originals 'Next Gen' look, it looked as if it belonged in the DSi Family. Bigger screens, equaled a crapper picture, the 3D wasn't as pronounced or striking. at least the stylus is more practical and easier to pull

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@Wavesta black levels & PQ... WTF? you'd be crazy to go back after the massive awesome that is the X to da L... When you put em both together the original looks like it was made by Leap Frog or bloody Mattel



Honestly, just keep yours and like someone above said if you could sell yours for a good amount then get it. My brother has the XL & the OG and comparing them, the XL just owns it lol. But hey to each his own, do what you wanna do bro!

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