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Should There be 3ds Virtual Console, wouldn't it be great to play GameBoy, Colour, Advanced, and other retro handheld games on te 3ds you should be able to purchase them for 200 to 800 points share your thoughts here.



That would be great, but I'm more interested in new games - and by new games I don't mean more Mario, Zelda etc. (although I do want more of that too, don't get me wrong), I mean completely new Nintendo games and franchises. Good idea though, @MarioFoy.

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Hopefully this will happen, maybe the 3ds is the reason that there isn't anything like this on the dsi.


I would love a Virtual Console like service on the 3DS. There are numorus amounts of GB/C/A games that I always wanted to play but couldn't for one reason or another. If it's possible Nintendo, please do it!

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