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The developers of each of the new streetpass games.

StreetPass Squad: Good-Feel
StreetPass Garden: GREZZO
StreetPass Battle: Spike Chunsoft
StreetPass Mansion: PROPE


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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Morphtorok wrote:

Huh I updated but there's nothing new in my streetpass plaza, not even a new puzzle piece.

México, right? The Streetpass plaza games aren't in NA yet for some reason.

Yeah I just read that bit on the main site. It's kinda weird, almost as weird as the fact that this seemingly important update came out of nowhere.

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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For some reason, you can't back up the Zen Pinball titles, but the option is showing up for all my other 3DS Downloads (maybe it has something to do with their online leaderboards?).

Also, I'm assuming the back up option allows you to keep your save data for games you delete? (if so, that means I won't need to get a new SD card).

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I gotta say, looking from that gameplay footage it all looks very mediocre to say the least. Maybe fun distractions but definitely not worth 5 bucks each. I'll definitely be skipping this.

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Backup feature! Flamingo yeah, I wish this was available for carts but it's a small victory.

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OK im so confused what does this even mean I don't see the new features....??


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@kereke12 Are you in America? If so all it does is allow you to backup save data for digital games.

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Can anyone confirm they have a piece for Skyward Sword? Or is the Skyward Sword puzzle really the heroines puzzle? Can't find anyone with a Skyward Sword puzzle.



I just got a Skyward Sword piece today. Four puzzles in one update makes me happy.

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What are the sizes of the puzzles? Any return to all blue puzzles?

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Dangit, I just started to finish all the other puzzles. It's really hard to get StreetPass Hits in general where I live, let alone in Plaza which everyone seems to ignore and never boot up in favour of just using carts... I just wish that we had a way to get pink pieces without StreetPasses, even once a month or something...

Also, it's a shame that the Shop crashes. Those errors make me really paranoid, so I'll just wait until the next update.

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Tsuchinoko wrote:

I just got a Skyward Sword piece today. Four puzzles in one update makes me happy.

Thanks! No-one round here has that. I guess we'll get it soon enough and in the meantime there are the other 3 puzzles we can collect for.



They're charging for this stuff? Hahaha.
Oh Nintendo, why do you do this to yourself..

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