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Dear all

My daughter has a 3DS (not XL).

In a couple of months, she will be going on a trip involving many hours on trains and planes.

What products are recommended, to solve the problem of the notoriously short battery life?

I would prefer not to have to dismantle the 3DS in any way if possible, and I am a UK resident.

Thanks in advance,




Get one of those portable battery chargers?
One with batteries of course, otherwise the rechargeable charger would run out of charge itself, lol.

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So does the 3DS XL have longer battery life than the regular 3DS?



if you are traveling outside of Europe please note that the 3DS charger is region locked. so you need to get a new one or a voltage converter.... yes! Nintendo region locked the fricking charger of a handheld, I still want to hear a good explanation for that one

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My 3ds LL has a longer battery life than my 3ds. Get one of those portable chargers they work really good.

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