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I got the new Zelda 3ds xl and was transferring over from my old one. It completed the transfer successfully, and then suddenly it was trying to connect to the internet again but would be constantly searching. It errored and then said to restart. So I did and it showed all my games but when I clicked on one it said, "This title needs to be redownload from the eshop" and when I clicked out of the game all my games were gone. I still have my miis. It even deleted the street pass games. Any idea what went wron? Can I fix this?

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You should be able to redownload the games from the e-Shop.

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8BitSamurai wrote:

You should be able to redownload the games from the e-Shop.

It won't even let me access the eshop it just errors out but I can access it fine on my friends 3ds



Sounds like something on the SD card got corrupted. You may have to format it I'm afraid

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DarkwingLz wrote:

Sounds like something on the SD card got corrupted. You may have to format it I'm afraid

But wouldn't that corrupt everything? It still had my Pokemon Y and it's save and my miis



Well if I was you I would contact Nintendo before I did anything like reformat. Cause once you reformat there is no turning back.

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Yeah... formatting the SD card is maybe not the best idea yet... you should definitely contact Nintendo first and see what they have to say on the subject.

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For sure will



I would try again. The Nintendo Network has been iffy lately, too, so you're better off to try and do what you can, then call Nintendo. Don't fornat anything until Nintendo themselves says so.


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@Kelinator: The eShops have been having trouble thanks to the influx of new users — you can check the network status on this page here. Give it a while and then try again once the network status page says the Shops are back to normal. If you still have problems, try contacting Nintendo, they're the only ones who can get you squared away. Best of luck to you!

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