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First of all, I realize this may be a bad place to ask about the trade in value of a nintendo product on a (fantastic) site devoted to that companies news, but I made a mistake in purchasing it and see no bright lights in the future, thats just me, I see why many others are excited for its perspective future but I want to back out.
With that being said I was wondering if anyone knew(even a ball park figure) of its value
ps im from ireland



If you wanted to find its trade-in value, the best thing for you to do would be to call your local video game stores and see what they'd offer you for it. That's what I'd do, at least.

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Honestly, there are so many issues with this thing, I'd be more inclined to buy a new one than one that already has a lot of mileage on it. My power and Home buttons are already shaky, and others are having problems with the hinge and scratches caused by the lower screen.

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also my circle pad broke!

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Wow, I'm glad I was made aware of these faulty problems the 3DS is having, before I purchased one myself. This level of quality you're all speaking of is unheard of by Nintendo's standards, I'm really suprised by this.

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@VaultBoyCEO: The best thing I can tell you is call some video game places like Gamestop and see how much they will give in trade in. If you are planning to sell it yourself check on Ebay or craigslist and see what the going rate is that way you have an idea how much to ask for.

And no VaultBoy you not the only one thinking of getting rid of 3DS as evident with this thread.

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i play it everyday since i got it, or almost. (mainly ds games meh)
it rides with me on the bus for work, and so far, i dont have much concerns about it else than the hinge that feel a bit loose.
nothing too serious, but its there and i wonder how it will be in a year. i want it to be in shape when smash brothers will be out And i cant find it anymore, but i clearly remember news on a website saying the loose hinge was there because of a past problem with the DS beeing too tight and making the hinge break and totally loose after a lot of use.

the top screen has those marks too, but as long as you get that screen protector, its fine with me. change it when the mark becomes irritating and youre good to go. protectors are cheap anyway. so far, the marks dont appear when i watch a video or play games, but they do start to be uncleanable. i can feel them a tiny bit with my nail. its not only grease or dust, there is a mark formation.
someone on a topic mentionned he was puting the cleaning towel before closing the 3DS, it might be a good idea.

no loose joystick or black screen detected... yet. absolutely no scratches found anhwhere, even if the 3ds is in my pocket for long periods of time, sometimes with keys or pocket change.

the overall thing seem robust to me...
if you plan to trade it or sell it, dont expect to refund all your cash. if i were you, i would let it rest a little and wait for holidays. see the real games coming on shelves and see if they suit you.

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See I know what games are coming for it and none entice me, I was really looking forward to MGS but then it turns out there will be a hd remake so whats the point?
And thank god people are mentioning the hinges, my tope left hinge is loose so the top screen moves ever sol slightly, and the power button is really inconsistent. I hope Game wont notcie that when I try and sell it.



Speaking as someone who has played most of the system's Christmas line-up, there are some very bright spots in there. Some good games coming next year, too.

For MGS, it's HD remake vs. version you can carry wherever you go. Tough choice


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No I completley understand that the first party line up is great but for me the ds shone on weird cool 3rd part support, like Ace Attonrney, World Ends with you and Mario Kart was the only 1st party game I ever bought, I realize I am well in the minority here but I still find it extremely disappointing how bleak the future is in my gaming perspective, I hope I am proved wrong as I loved the DS but for now my handheld gaming is dead.
I have never played any MGS game so HD straight away for me



you forgot how awesome GTA chinatown wars is on DS. i keep on playing it on my 3ds..

and those picross titles. this is pure drug. my ds and 3DS paid themselves just by the time i spent on picross DS and picross 3DS. now Jupiter (who brought the world ends with you AND Picross DS) announces an eshop picross. this is a dream.

super smash bros on 3ds too... so...if you dont think the 3ds is good for you it ! then wait a year or 2 for super smash bros, and surely tons of great titles like the DS had over the years.

geez, the 3ds is only beginning, its been only a couple of months now. it took years for the ps1, ps2 or even the DS to have an interesting games library, or games that can exploit the console capabilities.

and was a fail since MGS 2 for me anyway. i loved MGS, and MGS Vr missions. never got hooked after them.

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I don't get this logic where you buy a system and then sell it back a few months later. This would be ok...except you bought it near launch. Though not all big titles are coming in the first year of the system, they might come in the future years.

What's the freaking point if you did your research of the system?

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Well smash bros is on Wii U so there goes that
I have never sold a console before and every one, including the DS, i bought at launch
The 3ds just isnt for me



Yeah, leave the fine young lad alone, already.
I would add one thing, though...
can I have your 3DS?

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Thank you, its not a bad system at all, its just not for me
@SirGreatNose,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ummmm no sorry



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