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Its a bit sad that the ipad's are so high on th list when there's barley any sales on the product. On gaming sales Nintendo came out on top with the 3DS which isn't suprising with three models on sale and major software on sale.


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Kind of surprised to see the PS3 as low as it is. That $200 deal was at pretty much every store, and it was a really good one.

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I'm not really surprised that the 3DS did so well, it's the most popular video game system on the market and Nintendo always performs well over the holidays. On top of that they released some huge software with Zelda and Pokemon as of late and other games such as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon are still selling well, so congrats to Nintendo for a huge Black Friday!

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3DS is downright unstoppable now. Also nice to hear in general to offset the continuing disappointment of the Wii U...


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I believe the 3DS was outsold by the PS4 and Xbone for the month of November, but still sold around 770K units... That's pretty outstanding, but on the flip side the Wii U only sold about 200K.



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