Topic: 3DS to DS incompatibility?

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I was recently trying some DS games in my 3DS and only 3 of the 4 I tried worked. The game that failed to even show up was Polarium. It works fine on my DS, but not on my 3DS. I did buy it used from Gamestop, but I don't think it's bootleg or anything. Can anyone else try it and see what the result is?

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BTW, I meant the title to be DS to 3DS incompatibility...

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Weird. All DS games should be compatible. I bet it's a bootleg and GS didn't catch it.

Try it on any DSi. If it still doesn't work, then it is a bootleg

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@TrueWiiMaster - I have a 3DS and I've played Polarium on it. In fact, I bought it new from Gamestop, so maybe you do have a bootleg copy ...

Also, if you want to change the title of your thread, just edit your original post. You should be able to change the title from there (though the URL will stay the same).

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