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I can't use the stand with Colors! 3D unfortunately because it's hard getting to an awkward part on the screen so I usually hold it.

AiRace: Tunnel has been better with it though, with the stylus control at least. Along with solitaire and any other game that is purely stylus.

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Stylus and lazy things are great with the thing.

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I used the stand for a short while but got to the point where it was unneeded when playing KI.U. Still looking for a use for that thing.

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I'll be honest, I've completely forgotten this exists.

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I have two stands, because I'm cool.

Honestly though, most useless thing ever.

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I used it for a bit with KI: Uprising and it was terrible. I couldn't use it at a with the game at all, the angle was terrible. I haven't used it since, not sure how people find it to work so well with KI: Uprising IMO.

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