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Hey Everyone!

So im totally enjoying the 3DS, but once I popped in my PKMN Black, I noticed that the left speaker was kind of quiet; all of my pkmn cries and attack sounds were alot quieter than on my DSi

I now can tell on the menu that its quieter their too, Is it just my 3DS? Im thinking of getting a exchange

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Try it with another game, and see what happens. Is it just one speaker that has a problem? If it's both speakers that are quiet, the 3DS may just not have a loud max volume.

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Yeah its with more than just 1 game and its just the left speaker, I think I may try and get a exchange first and if they wont then ill call up nintendo

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It'll be covered under the warranty I'm sure. You might end up having to wait a bit to play your 3DS again, but I'm sure they'll take care of it.

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Well I took it back to EB Games and they gave me another 3DS no problem, so now I just have to wait for it to finish charging....ugh....the wait is killing me!!!

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I had a problem where after my 3ds got an update the wireless and wifi died I mean it couldn't detect 1 of the five networks the dsi could or recognise a download play demo, my phat ds could detect the demo game gave me new one.

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Well, Its all charged and the speakers seem to be pretty good, Ill be putting it through some tests later once i get out of class. But at this point things are looking good

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Got mine today finally, love it but also have this problem!?

The left speaker isnt working

I have tried different games as well



Shauny, if you haven't yet, go get a exchange, It was totally worth it

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I noticed yesterday that in Rayman 3D, there is a tone in the background music that literally makes the speakers rattle. I think it's just because it's a port from Dreamcast, but I'm a little worried that the speakers might have an issue. I've had no other issues with other games though.

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