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I have Pilotwings resort and I know that it doesn't have multiplayer at all. Does anyone know if there is a game, maybe SSFIV3D, that could play online and does not require multiple players to have their own cards?

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Well thats unlikely to happen :/
And if u play SSF4 in single-card and another one plays along with download game i bet all player slots are full as its always 1v1.
So online single card would be completely useless for active playing ...
or am i missing here something ?


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How will the other 3DS owners be able to even connect to the host game? You play online by navigating through the game menus, and if they don't have the game, they can't do that. And (3)DS download doesn't do online. Local wireless only.

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well he is talking about 3DS download game so you solved the problem obviously TJ92

MH4 online thread

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SSFIV has it, but the player without the game can only play as Ryu.

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