Topic: 3DS Remake of Sonic Adventure 2

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I think you mean Sonic Adventure 1 was, since it was, you know, first. Lol I love both of those games and miss the Dreamcast era.

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Kyloctopus wrote:

Just bring back the Chao garden.

How about making the Chao garden a standalone on the eShop?
You could buy fruits with play coins and you'd get animals and those "light sticks" by street pass or spot pass

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No. If anything good happens, it has to be on the Wii U. The 3DS has more than enough support as it is.

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Knuckles wrote:

Guys, its a Shadow game, not a Sonic game!

its a sonic game in which you play as shadow. its a direct sequel to sonic heroes and sa2.

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By that logic New Super Luigi U is a Mario game that you can play as Luigi in, not Luigi's own spinoff game of NSMBU. And it really is a direct sequel to SA2B.

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