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I don't know if this thread already exists, so delete this if needed. If not, please tell me what you hope to see in a 3DS redisign, when it comes out, price, and specs. Concept art is also welcome. Ready, set, discuss!

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I hope they don't release a redesign. Well, except for a 3DS XL. But that's it.

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I don't think they need a redesign, and Nintendo even said they weren't going to. The only possible outcome would be a 3DS XL, but that would be pointless, just like the original DSi XL. In addition to making a 3DS XL, the screens would be bigger, and that could make the DS games you play on it even blurrier.

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Just something that looks new and different. Aesthetically it's pretty much the same design as the 2006 DS Lite. It doesn't really look or feel like a brand new product, just another DS re-design (which unfortunately seems to be the public perception). I remember when I unboxed it I didn't feel the same sense of excitement that I normally do when getting a new console because it looked and felt so familiar.

Not only did the GBA look completely different to its predecessor, but the GBA SP re-redesign looked completely different to it and the GB Micro re-design looked completely different again. They felt like brand new consoles when they weren't. The 3DS doesn't when it is.

Maybe there's only so much you can do with the two-screen clamshell design, but I'm sure they can come up with something. Maybe make it rounded rather than rectangular. Certainly add that second circle pad! In any case, I see it happening some time next year. The DS Lite re-design happened quite soon and did absolute wonders for the console.

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I doubt they would, the 3DS is too much like a Portable home console, and they rarely redesign home consoles

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The 3DS is pretty compact with the way it is so I doubt a "Lite" version is coming, especially if they're coming with dual analogs.

Honestly with the software library the way it is and the audience they're aiming at, there really is no need for dual analogs

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i think there's a lot they could do to improve. first of all, fix the bottom screen so it doesn't leave marks on the top screen. improve the battery efficiency. come up with a better 3D screen that doesn't ghost as much. improve the megapixel count of the cameras so that they're not 1/300th the quality of an average digital camera. if they did all that i'd be totally satisfied, but i guess they could add a second slider in there and i'd be happy.

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the top screen shouldn't rub against the top, battery life, and thats all i really can think of.....
@romulux the way the 3d effect is created, its not really possible. besides i dont notice any ghosting unless i start to move the system to close to my eyes.

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Introducing, the 3DS plus! Now the battery life will last more then 4 hours!

I predict the 3DS plus will hit U.S. shores in 2 years.

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I kinda like the matte finish on DSi more than the "slippery" feeling on 3DS and DSlite. That's one request. Dual analogues, might as well. The location of the mic should be at the hinge as it has been on DSlite and i. Stylus is better on the side.

I also like how the screens on DSi were "flat", so that'd be cool for the redesign to have it like that (it also prevents dust particles from being in the screen which is a problem I had with DS and DSlite- not DSi).

That's about it. Maybe up the MP of the camera to 2 or 3. Even the VITA has a .3 MP camera.



Why not just buy a camera if you want to take pictures though? It's just meant to entertain you for a few minutes, nothing more.

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The 3DS should look like this

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less smudgey.

My top screen just about 10 mintues ago got these werid smudges you can see when its off or have a black background. Can't wipe them off with a tissue either.


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Higher battery life, better stylus placement, and the second analog already attached. While I'm being greedy, how about a Game Boy slot? Hahah.

Though I'm very serious about the first 3 things. I like the analog attachment, personally, but it will bug me having it be wider on the right side than the left.

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higher battery life, dual circle pad, get rid the slider wifi pad, change the slider volume to the click one from the dsi, better 3D, side stylus placement.

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I feel like the Home, select, and start buttons should be touch sensitive. The ones now kind of feel cheap to me. anyone else?

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[16:48] zezhyrule takes out her 3DS and throws it at reggie
[16:48] Reggie4Life: Yay, a Zelda 3DS!
[16:48] zezhyrule: what...
[16:48] zezhyrule: stalker, how did you know I even had that o.o
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How about a battery cover that snaps on and off, so I can swap in a backup battery when I'm away from home? I can't tell you how many times I've been stuck on a trip to or from work with a 3DS and no battery life.

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Add these:
Dual analog
Better battery life

But, Nintendo, for now, make a portable charger! Charge it up via the mains and when your out and about with your 3DS and you're running low, you shove that into your 3DS and give it another bountiful supply of gaming life. Is it really that hard to make?

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