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I know it might sound stupid, but should I get NSMB2 or Dishonored? I can't play the latter until really far down the line (no idea if my computer can even support it) and I probably wouldn't have gotten it if Steam didn't have their huge sale.

On the other hand, buying NSMB2 digital means that I can carry it anywhere, and I can play whenever I want. It's more of a pick-p-and-play type of game. Plus, it doesn't tear my 3DS apart.

Well, which one's the best option? I've got a long flight, and I want something to play.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I can't being my laptop (hence why I'm on the fence, cause the sale ends pretty soon, and I'm leaving soon.)

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@Chrysalis Did you try to see if you can run Dishonored on your PC? Definitely get NSMB2. There's lots of gameplay in that game. I own it and recommend it. I also have rented Dishonored and loved it. I hope to be able to buy it myself soon for PS3.

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@Chrysalis Don't bother buying anything on Steam until you can play it. Chances are it will be much cheaper by the time you have a better PC.

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Gamesake wrote:

@Chrysalis Don't bother buying anything on Steam until you can play it. Chances are it will be much cheaper by the time you have a better PC.

Agreed. My PC sucks right now, so I'm not buying anything more besides indie games until I get a better one. IIRC, Dishonored was only 33% off? It'll be way cheaper before you know it.

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(I sorta asked this question on the 3ds eShop but its sorta different)

I got some eShop money and I think I want a retail download... but I don't know If I should get

Professor Layton OR Harvest Moon

I have played professor Layton games before, but not harvest moon. So I'm not sure which would be the best.

And if you think I should get a different retail download game I would love to hear your suggestions!
(I have MK7, RT:ET, SS:T and PM:SS oh and I also have OoT 3D.)

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Absolute must-have 3DS titles that I don't see in the acronyms are Kid Icarus: Uprising and Resident Evil: Revelations. Even as a gamer who's not the biggest fan of shooters (though I do enjoy them, just don't dry hump COD constantly), those are among my top 5 3DS titles. Also Super Mario 3D Land or if you want to delve into alternative choices, Crush3D and Nano Assault though I'd wait for the eShop version.

Anyways, off that, I can't speak for Harvest Moon, but if you want Layton, you may want to start with Last Specter before moving on to Miracle Mask, as it's part of a trilogy. I did not, and I was a bit lost at the end though the story was still awesome otherwise.

EDIT: Crap you said downloads. In that case, Super Mario 3D Land is my favorite, but still Layton is a good choice.

But then get the games I listed in physical form.

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Forgot there's a new HM out too...but was afraid it would be like Animal Crossing, not that its bad...I just get bored with them quickly... :c
Guess I'll just stick with getting Layton tomorrow for now, try Harvest Moon some other time.

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Guys, has anyone played Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D? Much was talked about it before release, but I've heard nothing now that the game is out.



I know it hasn't been reviewed on here yet, but Adventure Time "Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!" is really awesome and good solid retro platformer. I'm a huge fan of the show and and there are plenty of cameos in this game.

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Mario Kart 7 OR Mario Tennis Open?

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I haven't played Mario Tennis Open so I can't say anything about it, but I have Mario Kart 7 and it's pretty good! (however, in my opinion, there are better games than both of these two in the 3ds library...)

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@baba_944 - Definitely MK7. Not that MTO is a bad game or anything like that; MK7 just outclasses it in every conceivable way.

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I have a question

I really haven't played any FPS games and I want to know if Resident Evil Revilations is a good place for me to start?
2nd Question
Should I buy it for 3DS or wait for the Wii U version


I haven't played a lot of FPS games either and Resident Evil Revelations was my first Resident Evil game- I loved it and consider it one of the best 3DS games! As for the version(3DS or Wii U), it's up to you- I prefer portable gaming myself so I would buy the 3DS version if given the choice...

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Resident Evil Revelations is a survival horror, not an FPS. You can aim in first-person (and move really slowly depending on control scheme) but that's it. Still a brilliant game, especially at the cheap prices it goes for nowadays. Might as well bite now for 3DS. If the Wii U version drops in price, then double-dip.

A good starter FPS? With a Wii, try Goldeneye 007. You can use the Wiimote or classic/GameCube controller, depending on whether you want a unique or console experience, and it has some pretty decent online.

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