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@SMEXIZELDAMAN I honestly don't really remember any specifics about Apollo Justice, but it's basically an Ace Attorney game. If you like the series, you will like it. And I personally think his gameplay gimmick is pretty cool, probably the best of any of the characters. It's at least something different than just doing the same thing as usual only doing it to unlock locks.


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@NoLife What did it get banned for?

Use the 'ignore' button, it works.

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@gcunit you can read more about it here.

"A post on NeoGAF elaborates that the decision was to enforce the country's child pornography laws, stating that even in fiction, if a minor is presented in a pornographic situation, it is violating the law. Dead or Alive Dimensions features a game mode in which players can take photos of the characters. This mode was used as the foundation for this claim".

I find it all kinda strange. I live in Sweden, and other Dead or Alive games have been released before and since then. Also a couple of years a go, a man in Sweden who works as a manga-translator, who translates manga and hantei from japanese to swedish, had to go to court for the similar reasons, the court tried to claim that he was in possession of child pornography when he was just translating hentai which was his job.



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