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Which do you believe is more benefitial? 20 free exclusive games as part of the 3DS Ambassador Program or a cheaper 3DS retail price?



Cheaper retail will benefit a lot of people, you can pick one up for near £100 off in the UK. For me getting the 20 free games is a bonus in addition to having the 3DS for 4 months or so.

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Cheaper retail price with 20 free exclusive games. Some people got that deal, you kno

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Even if Nintendo values GBA games on the Ambassador program at only $5 each, you're getting $100 minimum in free content, so I feel that's the better deal. Also, since we know GBA games will remain Ambassador-exclusive for a while, there's also the possibility of Nintendo (and perhaps 3rd party publishers) releasing more GBA games exactly like on the VC to Ambassadors. If that's the case, more expensive 3DS & Ambassador games ftw.

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Free? Well, to put it in my thoughts, you do realise that there is an inapparent 3DS price reduction for those without the Ambassador Program, right?



I'll have to go with the lower retail price compared to the 20 predetermined games.
Now if I could choose any 10 nes and any 10 gba games made available on the virtual console, that might be a different story. I vote for the lower price and with the difference I plan to buy the games I actually want.

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Some people Traded in thier DSiXL for a 169.99 3DS BEFORE the official price drop. so they get a $70 3DS with 20 free games. I envy my cousin sometimes...

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GameLord08 wrote:

Free? Well, to put it in my thoughts, you do realise that there is an inapparent 3DS price reduction for those without the Ambassador Program, right?

The games themselves are free. And it's not like we didn't open our 3DSes until August 12th; we've been able to play them for months now. Plus there's nothing like the excitement of getting a system on day one.

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The answer is whichever you want more, obviously. If you were to download every game separately, it would likely cost you no less than $130, not to mention that you get your 3DS sooner, you get the free VC games sooner and non-ambassadors may not get some of them at all. There's obviously some benefit there, but if you don't want all 20 of those games then you may very well rather have the lower price.

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Cheaper retail that's obvious. Most people when you look forward didn't have the option, and those like me who got it when it came out didn't have a choice either so there is no comparison. Lower price is always a benefit because the lower it goes, more tightwads, fence sitters, and people who just can't afford much will jump on board as it gets in their range. Sure 20 freebies are nice, but it's an apology not an option.

What they should do is put the 1 3D Classics game back as a permanent freebie along with the Pokedex, the browser, and netflix(if you have the account.) Stuff like that will make people happier, also make people aware there's 3 games hiding on the system as is with face raiders, that mii plaza game, and the ar cards minigame package.

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For me its the cheaper price. I can use that $80 I save on whatever I want whether it be gas for my car, some DVDs, food or just a combination of things, where as the people who payed the $250 are getting games. Even if they need/want the $80 its not like Nintendo will refund the money.

As for me alot of games I have in some form or another or I have the systems for those games so I am sure I can track down the original games somewhere.

But even if I wanted the twenty free games I have to wait till next month to get my 3DS cause I am waiting for the flame red one.

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I've already wasted a lot of my money on the eShop so these 20 free games are probably better value for me considering I'd end up spending more than that to buy all the games anyway.
Plus there is no way I would have lasted until now without my beloved 3DS keeping me company wherever I go.


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Cheaper 3DS. The 20 free games' problem is practically no one will actually like every one of them.

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