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I was happy to pay top whack for my 3DS in the first place - I knew exactly what was coming. I knew there wouldn't be much in the first few months. This just makes me even happier. I'd have been indifferent if Nintendo had done nothing today because a price drop was fairly inevitable.

Hardy83 wrote:

My guess is the 20 free games is a command from Nintendo of Japan, cause I know Nintendo of America wouldn't give users squat if they had the choice.

'Command' makes it feel very forced, as though Iwata's specifically said to the higher-ups at NOA "you WILL do this". No doubt this is, quite simply, a decision made by Nintendo Company Ltd. saying "Nintendo is going to do this", by which they mean NCL, NOE, NOA, NA, and so on, so forth. Almost like a default, if you will, where NCL makes a decision on behalf of every division. And I'm fairly happy for them to do that in this case.


I got ripped for trading in my 3DS a few weeks ago. I got $204 for my trade-in(with Shadow Wars and The Mercs). I wonder what the trade in value with drop to now . Nintendo screwed up, all the games are getting delay and most of the titles thus far have all been 6/10 rated. I'll more then likly get a 3DS again, but about 2 years down the road when the price drops to $99.

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Aviator wrote:

Hardy83 wrote:

Nintendo does owe people stuff.

A company never owes its customers stuff.
unless its in legal mumbo jumbo

In your mind, and it's technically true, but brand loyalty does cost companies actual money.
Companies wouldn't donate to charities, or give you free stuff if they had the choice, but they want your loyalty. It costs money, or potential sales lost cause the stuff if free.
So they owe you stuff, because they want you to stay loyal.
If you think your loyalty is worth nothing then Nintendo owes you nothing, but me. I think everyone's loyalty is worth something, which is why they do owe you something.

@cipher I know it wasn't force, but I can't help but think Reggie and heads of NoA grumbled at giving away stuff for free. Kicking their feet on the ground with a mini tantrum.

@bboy .... It's the Internet. That's why there are still complainers. lol I can understand people still being bitter though, but there will always be complainers. Or some people honestly believe that 20 old games isn't enough, or maybe they wanted a couple free 3DS Ware games or something. All of which is valid, cept the Internet part. lol



I would argue against this guy's claims, but he's probably a Sony fanboy; there's no point in arguing with them.

(that and I have no idea how the formatting works on this site)



Hardy83 wrote:

I warned people about being early adopters for Nintendo systems! This is what you get for buying a system early when it has a whole lot of doubt cast around it.

if you're here then it's a safe bet that you like nintendo and want them to keep making games. so what's so stupid about supporting them and preventing their systems from failing? the reason nintendo's in this mess is because so many fans held off on buying (even if the pricing was bad).

outside of concerns for how 3d works without glasses i don't remember that much doubt about the system, in fact the reason the price was set so high in the first place was because everyone loved it at preview events. even if there is some doubt, is the moral that you should never take a chance and trust the company that's given you so much over the years? a lot of people thought the wii was going to tank before it came out too.

and i've got to say, i find it really hard to understand why any of you who bought a 3DS would chuck it out now due to the lack of games.... right before the giant torrent of games this fall. you really can't wait a couple of months?

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I do like Nintendo (cept NoA) and I do want them to keep making games, but I think, as consumers, we shouldn't by anything that we think is stupid or not a good product regardless if you like the company or not.

Nintendo won't go bankrupt from slow 3DS sales, but because people didn't buy it, either because of the price or lack of games or whatever, they now have it as a FAR better price and giving a nice incentive to buy it with the free games.

It doesn't happen often, but consumers wallets can change a companies stance.

And there was A LOT of doubt about the system...Well not the system it self, but the software, the fact half the features weren't going to be running at launch, the price. I ignore the stupid "gah my eyes will bleed out and I'll die" 3D haters.

I don't know why someone would chuck the 3DS out if they bought it. If they really don't like it, that's fine, but not because of a price cut.



I'm very happy with my 3DS and thanks to Nintendo's generosity I will have plenty to play this fall. Several of the announced titles are games I either haven't played or haven't played much of because my kids kept making fun of the graphics while I was playing them on the Wii. It's hard to concentrate when your kids are doing that.

I also bought the Wii about two months before the first price drop occurred. I still didn't mind it too much since I was having so much fun with it, but Nintendo didn't give me any free games (apart from the free NES game when they made the Internet Channel free again).

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Anyone considering dropping the 3DS with this announcement really needs to look at an economics book. It' worked this way since the beginning of capitalism. If you sell something cheaper than someone else, people will buy it. What Nintendo has just done is level the price of the 3DS with the price of the DSi (of course DSi prices will dramatically fall now, too), freeing up all those who would have bought the latter to choose the far more capable 3DS instead. And anyone who hasn't got one will be far more likely to. You also have the crowd who closer to the holidays will be deciding if they want to go ahead and get a 3DS, or wait and get a Vita... think of how many kids are going to be clamoring for the 3DS, and think of how many older gamers are going to be drawn in by the lower price and the availability of some of the very impressive titles that will have come out by then. This is exactly the thing that's going to throw 3DS sales through the roof, just like the DS.

Developers don't make games for consoles that don't sell. How many games did the Virtual Boy have? Because it didn't sell. When this thing is selling like hotcakes, developers will be itching to get their hands on a bit of the money pile. If you're ducking out now because you don't like the machine, more power to ya. If you're dropping it now because of a lack of great games and third party support, however, I'd ask you to consider using some sense and some patience, cause for those of us who actually see what just happened... it just got a whole lot more interesting.

As for losing trust... HAH! I lost trust when they priced the 3DS so high; when they ceased supporting the Wii by excluding Operation Rainfall RPGs from NA; when they released one Gameboy Color title, two 3D Classics and very few of anything else on the VC; and when they started acting like children by saying, "if you want this game, you'll have to show us you REALLY want it..." This, however, is what's brought back my trust in Nintendo, if at least a bit. What this says to me is, "Guys, we're sorry we got kinda big headed and thought we ruled the video game world. We're about to try to start being smart with our decisions again now, so let's try this again. The lover that was beginning to become a selfish jerk has realized this and returned with flowers, chocolates, and two tickets to that thing I love.

Welcome back, Honey.

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The DS had great 3rd party stuff. Layton ace attorney elite beat agents etc



Please take this discussion to the 'I gave up!!!' thread or the existing thread about the price drop, guys — whichever floats your boat at this point in time. :3

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