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Meh, I feel like I bought the 3DS to early. The launch lineup was underwhelming and lackluster and the built in features got boring quickly. I recall enjoying my DS more when I got it at launch.

But by the time E3 and the May Update come, sh*ts about to get real

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I like having a working R button

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Notice how most of the people who've actually played the launch titles seem to have pretty high opinions of them?

Stop complaining and GO PLAY GAMES.


I better off wait till they improve the 3DS, like what I heard from some rumors saying that the 3DS get's the black screen of death and other poor hardware. It seems to me like these days the companies don't really care about there hardware there so more into competing which is the most graphical or gimmicky the possible can make.



lz20XX wrote:

I like having a working R button and L Button

Fixed ( It is amazing what people take for granted) I love having work R & L buttons and they better stay that way. (I hope I didn't just jink it).

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Square-enixFan wrote:

lz20XX wrote:

I like having a working R button and L Button

Fixed ( It is amazing what people take for granted) I love having work R & L buttons and they better stay that way. (I hope I didn't just jink it).

Me too blowing into my ds lite and then dsi hinges all the time was annoying the 3ds shoulder buttons feel like a more solid build.

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moosa wrote:

Notice how most of the people who've actually played the launch titles seem to have pretty high opinions of them?

For the most part, yes, but there's a little more to it than that. I own two, one I'd give 9/10, and the other I'd give 3/10 if I was in a good mood.



The system is great the launch titles which I myself at first critised to the extent I was going to trade it in for a ps3 have turned out to be great I have SSIV3D,PWR,RR3D,SMB and PKMN BLK I've put 97 hours into the machine and have only had one problem which is when the system crashed on the friendlist whilst adding someone though I played online with pkmn and ssf4 but I have just played a match of ssf4 with no problems I reckon that this is just like a small glitch like on my dsi where it constantly turned off for no reason It stopped doing it after a while and never did it again for the best part of a year so it is safe to say the dsi is not faulty.I personally love the design on my cosmos black 3DS the battery life being bad is overexaggerated as the 3ds has a lot more horse power than the dsi for example so the rate of which the battery is drained is naturally increased.Bottom line if you want wii level graphics and in some cases superior to wii level graphics( this game looks better than anything on wii then you're going to trade battery life for it.The 3D effect is amazing and not a gimmick as it makes the games more enjoyable the circle pad brings the 3ds controls to standard.The motion controls used in SMB for example give you new ways to play and you also have bc until the libary fleshes out.I am personally looking forward to the e-shop, REM3D, OOT3D, SM3D, AC3D, PKMN3D ,MK3D and others can't remeber/unannounced. The machine needs a messaging system like on xbl,and the ability to watch videos on a memory stick like psp which should be avalible when we get 3d video recording like how 3ds sound also lets you listen to your own music source( 3ds browser also needs to have youtube overall it is a great system make another thread late may.

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i haven't had mine for a month, but i still love it.
first off, the last handheld i've had was the GBA, so i've missed out on the whole DS line. i'm looking forward to trying DS games that i have missed.
and i'm also a huge 3-D fan. i've been one for years, after seeing my first 3-d movie. i do not want to share that movie, as it will show my age. so glasses free 3-D?! i'm still very impressed by the effect. i guess i must love "gimmicks". i would never have got the new DS if it didn't have 3-D.

currently i have nothing that makes me want to play it for a long period. i have Street Fighter, but i suck at it (although it is still a very impressive package!) and the built in stuff is fun, but not really all that involved to play for a long time.

so yeah, i LOVE it! and for my needs, the future looks bright.



Rift wrote:

moosa wrote:

Notice how most of the people who've actually played the launch titles seem to have pretty high opinions of them?

For the most part, yes, but there's a little more to it than that. I own two, one I'd give 9/10, and the other I'd give 3/10 if I was in a good mood.

Well of course, for a console to launch with 16 titles on day one not all of them are going to be good, let alone your particular cup of tea! My point was more for those (and there's a lot of them) who complain about how lousy the launch lineup is when not only have they not played the games they're complaining about, but a lot of people who actually have really like them.

Stop complaining and GO PLAY GAMES.


I absolutely love the 3DS just as much as when it launched. I play it a bit less, but that's to be expected as I wait for a few more games to grab my interest. Mind you, this is also the first system I bought on launch. Every other system I've owned was bought 2 or more years after release.

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I think that the 3DS is a GOOD system right now, but when it gets the Eshop, browser, and dsiware transfer in May it'll be REALLY good system.

Here's my run down of the system so far:

Features I like: The AR card games are a lot of fun. I've enjoyed those a lot. I also like Face Raiders. I'm addicted to the Find Mii RPG though. I think thats been my favorite game on the 3DS so far. Just wish I could get a Street Pass around here though. lol. Oh well. I'm very glad Nintendo included Play Coins!
I also like the Friends List, the little status messages, and being able to see what games my friends are playing (that'll be handy when Animal Crossing comes out). Oh and the Mii Creator on the 3DS is a lot of fun. The Miis look so much better here than they did on the Wii imo. Oh and the QR code thing is awesome.

Features I think need to be improved: While I like the Friends List, I really wish there was a Text chat option to it so that I could talk to my friends more on the 3DS. As far as the Miis go, I wish you could use the hats you collect on your other miis & even have the hat your wearing show up on your Friend List Mii.

Features I don't like: The 3D. I'm not very impressed by it so far. The 3D is more depth than things popping out at me like I expected. Plus, I tend to lose focus on the 3D a lot. Still, I didn't buy the system because I was excited about the 3D, so its no big deal to me. That said, I will be checking the 3D out on future games to see if it becomes more than a gimmick.

One Regret: I like Street Fighter 4, but I'm starting to wish I had gotten Pilotwings instead. I only play Street Fighter once and while. I think I would have played Pilotwings more (also would like to use my Miis in a game). Well, its too late now. I'll have to wait till my b-day in July to get another new 3DS cart game.

To anyone who doesn't have the system yet, I would say to them that this summer is the perfect time to get one if you can! In late May, Nintendo is bringing the Eshop (downloadable games), Internet Browser, and DSiware transfer to the system. As I said earlier, this will improve the system a lot. Also, in America, we will be getting Netflix this summer. So the 3DS will be even better than it is now. I'm really looking forward to the late May update a lot!

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1. Agreed, but I also mean it lacks a shop and other features that are upcoming. It's only been one month and they're not here yet. These are one month impressions.

2. Agree as well, but I was simply going off of what I played.

3. I'd definitely disagree. I like my handheld to last more than 4.5 hours, which my 3DS seems to be capped at, no matter the settings. For my purposes, I tend to be away from an outlet for more than that length unless I'm playing at home. I've heard DS games last longer, but then I would rather use a DS to play my old games on anyway (for other reasons)

4. Whatever your reason for purchasing a 3DS is, it's fine. But as a person who carries multiple gadgets around, I'd like to narrow down the number I carry. Including mp3 playback but no video support seems like a half-hearted effort to add multimedia functionality. They're going to add a browser and other multimedia stuff later...but this is my impression of ONE month after launch, right? I was expecting a DS 2, by the way. Seems like it'll be capped at 1.75, even post-update. I'd say Wii was GameCube 2 or GBA was GB2 but this just seems like 1.75 to me. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised a few months or years down the road?

5. I still stand by this one. PilotWings Resort can be a 2-3 hour game or a 23 hour game. The Binding Blade can be 20-30 hours or over 300. You'll need 70-80 just to experience everything the game offers. Based on what I've read from numerous sources and what I've played, there isn't a title that surpasses it. Obviously it's all subjective, but the base content seems to outweigh anything else. Other games also artificially extend length via real-world time waiting (Nintendogs for one).

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Well....I guess i can't tell ya, since my 3DS and games are still wrapped up in Toyrs R Us Boxes.

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Well, here are my complete thoughts:

(2D image of a 3D image. 3D images can only be seen on Nintendo 3DS.)

  • 3D Screen/Videos: It absolutely blew me away, though it took me a few days to get accustomed to 100% on the 3D slider. I believe that Nintendogs has the most comfortable 3D use, because Pilotwings Resort kinda threw me off for a bit (I'm 50% or lower for that 3D) and Street Fighter IV's own is interesting. Doesn't change much, but what I have realized in the past few days is that I'm usually fighting in the Dynamic View. I like the 3D Videos, hopefully they take a cue from Wii no Ma and establish some sort of channel to show some 3D footage of television programs.
  • 3DS Menu: Sure, it looks like the DSi Menu, but it is somewhat better. Also, I like how you can change how many boxes appear on-screen. I'm good for two rows.
  • DS Backwards Compatibility: It does well, though the filter can make some images look a bit ugly. I rarely use the original aspect (only when the blown-up image is really striking) and I love how the Circle Pad is mapped to the D-Pad controls. Makes games like Super Mario 64 DS way easier.
  • Friend List: Though it did nail a few things, left me mostly disappointed because of how the structuring is done. I wish you could arrange your friend cards instead of searching left and right for your friends, and the lack of a messaging system hurts (I miss PictoChat, actually).
  • 3DS Camera: Aside from the same quality as a DSi Camera, I found myself fascinated with the aspect of 3D photography. I also like how it added so many new effects, and those parakeets are just awesome.
  • 3DS Sound: This right here, is my go-to music player. I don't have an iPod (don't really wish to own one unless someone wishes to gift me one) so it really does its job well. I did the same for my DSi Sound, but there is a distinct difference. It takes time to load up music, a few seconds perhaps and it's a bit annoying. I do like the added StreetPass function (something many people overlook) and also the visualizations, but I feel that it did do some things very sloppy, presumably the look. It does distinguish itself well, but not too much. Also, I wish the sound quality of the speakers was louder. I have to use those earbuds (Skullcandy) that you directly place in order to get decent sound.
  • Mii Maker: Was a great novelty. I had fun making my own Mii because the one on my Wii was really basic. Didn't really use it a whole lot, but it was fun scanning QR codes for some bizarre Miis.
  • StreetPass Mii Plaza/StreetPass: Before the StreetPass NYC meetups I attended during my spring break, I had about 14 Miis inhabiting my area. I survived Find Mii and Puzzle Swap on Play Coins. After both meetups, I'm at 93 Miis. I believed in the idea of StreetPass but it wasn't being carried out effectively in the first weeks. It was something rare, and my friend confess that they keep the system off so they could save battery life. I hope that it'll come in full swing by the end of June (after OoT 3D comes out).
  • AR Games: Crowd pleaser. I do hope that more AR games come when the eShop launches in May, because I believed that the AR cards could do way more than what they've accomplished at launch. I still do a little Archery or AR Shot (and Mii Pics) whenever I can.
  • Face Raiders: I'll be honest - this was a tough game to beat. And sometimes I got creeped out by the faces. I mostly had faces of friends (and a Justin Bieber face) and it was pretty insane. Really a good showcase for gyro controls, hopefully first-person shooter devs can take notes from Face Raiders.
  • Activity Log: Does its job well. Like the Wii Message Board, but more in depth. I study the graphs whenever I can, and I take note of my hours. I'm almost 20 hours in for Street Fighter IV. As a matter of fact, my 3DS games all have times in the double digits. The next one to break it should be 3DS Sound, which I use as frequently as a person would for an iPod.
  • Download Play: Only used the DS Download Play part so far, and it does its job.
  • Health & Safety Info: Went in it once, never again. It has good music though. Kazumi Totaka is a genius. I will wager funds that he hid Totaka's Song in there.
  • Notifications: Exactly what it says on the tin, wish it had more SpotPass updates though.
  • Game Notes: I like the aspect, but I rarely use it. Maybe when Zelda comes out, it'll be handy.
  • Battery Life: I've only had my 3DS die on me once. It flashed red twice on me, and that's because someone kept plugging out my charger. I frequently charge mine so this is a rare problem for me. I chill on level 3 brightness, with power saving mode on. I rarely turn the 3DS off, always in sleep mode. Keeps me good for a while.
  • Buttons are nice and clicky, but I have my eyes on those shoulder buttons. They were so screwy on the DSi, not taking any chances.
  • D-Pad place is a bit odd, but I rarely use it.
  • The Circle Pad is just that awesome.
  • Wireless switch was a good call. No more searching through menus to turn it off.
  • I wish the volume switch was like the DSi so it could still do that brightness level control shortcut.
  • The placement of the Start, Select and Home buttons worried me, but I got used to it. How did I know? When I was on my DSi and reached for a non-existent home button (or start).



  • The 3DS really steps out into its own category: trying very hard not to be more of a souped-up DS, but more of its own thing.
  • Many of the features that it offers work: 3D visuals without glasses, AR, gyroscope, StreetPass/SpotPass etc.
  • I don't see the real uproar over battery life, just be wise with the brightness levels and 3D usage.
  • I really wish that the browser was at launch. That alone would shut me up until the eShop and DSiWare transfers come.
  • No eShop at launch kinda hurt the appeal to buy at launch, and also the fact that there were some games people just didn't want. For me, I tried to give Steel Diver a chance but in the end, I decided against it.

What I Want:

  • A true killer app for the 3DS (Ocarina of Time 3D might just be it, I'm unsure)
  • More SpotPass updates
  • A proper messaging feature. Hell, bring back PictoChat!
  • More AR games
  • More 3D video, a nice channel wouldn't hurt.


Just for the hell of it, here are my top five most played 3DS titles/apps:

1st - Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (19:34)
2nd - Nintendogs + Cats ~ Golden Retriever & New Friends (13:18)
3rd - Pilotwings Resort (11:38)
4th - Nintendo 3DS Sound (8:48)
5th - AR Games (6:23)

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romulux wrote:

LoopyLuigi wrote:

The launch titles aren't anything to get excited about and the release schedule has been barely a trickle. It seems now that Nintendo launched too early with the system in order to get the initial profits into their 2010 fiscal.

they backed off with their 1st party games at launch to give 3rd party developers a place on the system. sort of a nice gesture to help avoid the bad experience 3rd parties had on the wii. so even if they had held off longer before releasing it there still wouldn't have been any good 1st party games.

The issue with that is 3rd parties rarely bring their "A" game to Nintendo platforms. Aside from all things Capcom, I don't even see too many interesting 3rd party games on the horizon either. I'm mostly excited just for Nintendo's traditional stream of sequels and remakes. That should not be the case.

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I only play the 3DS once in a while and that's Super Street Fighter IV 3D, not too much. I have been playing more DS games on my DSi. Still looking forward to more games for the 3DS such as StarFox 64 and OoT. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret buying the 3DS, just need more games on it.

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brandonbwii wrote:

The issue with that is 3rd parties rarely bring their "A" game to Nintendo platforms. Aside from all things Capcom, I don't even see too many interesting 3rd party games on the horizon either. I'm mostly excited just for Nintendo's traditional stream of sequels and remakes. That should not be the case.

Well, Dead or Alive: Dimensions and BlazBlue will be here shortly. Only problem there is that people are probably still playing Street Fighter or they simply won't have the time to invest in two new fighters. I can see DOA selling more though, since it's a 3D fighter and has the advantage of "Woah there's a Metroid stage" (and, y'know...other *big*things...).

Most of the other standout titles from 3rd parties probably won't show till the summer or later. No news on Metal Gear or the other heavy-hitters. There will be things like the Pac-Man and Galaga remake but whether you consider that "A" game material is up to you (I don't, but it could be good).



she_gamer wrote:

I've been waiting for the hype to die down to get some honest opinions about the 3DS. Still planning on getting one, but not until the end of the summer. By then, most quirks should be worked out and I'll have several great games to choose from.

^ This basically

I had to make a tough decision last month. A unfinished 3ds or a ok tablet. At least with the tab I cant make a little money with it by using it a little everyday and wait for the software updates to get here. I still haven't played a 3ds, but after going broke on a tablet im looking for my next big purchase to be just about 100 percent complete out of the box. Still counting down the days until that happens with the 3ds. Amazing games, movies, and e-shop, are among the few things i wait for. Hopefully this will happen next month sometime, but if not i'll be willing to wait until that happens with this system. Even if its with the 3ds 2 or 3.

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