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BellGoRiiing wrote:

I want my Paper Mario...wasn't it supposed to be a Launch Window title? T_T

No, I have no idea how anyone got the idea that a Paper Mario game wouldn't take a long time to be released. (Super Paper Mario was released like 6 months after the Wii launch despite originally being a GCN game)

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OrangeSmoothie wrote:

@WaveBoy kudos to you if that's what makes you happy, then go for it (:
I'm in college and didn't even think about video games until the semester was over at the end of april, and then I was gonna wait til later to get a 3DS for a similar reason, but I got a little impatient. So now that I have one I'm loving it. I want to get the most use out of it possible for the summer until I have to go back to school and have no time to play video games. It's sad that my 3DS will hardly be touched for 8 months, but it means my summer gets to be packed with enjoying games I missed throughout the fall and winter.

As for the 3DS itself, I don't have any complaints so far. I take very good care of keeping it super clean (I clean the screens with a microfiber cloth all the time and wash my hands before I use it most of the time-maybe a little OCD). Regardless I think it's worth it and I have been enjoying my time with it until E3 and OoT 3D when the fun really begins.

Dude, for a $249 hand held, it's not OCD at all.
Anyways, for the rest of the month I'm focusing on the Wii, and then it's a meg 3DS blow out for me in June + Wii.
Anyways, that really sucks about the 8 months of no gaming...You mean you couldn't possibly sneak in an hour every now and then? All study and no play must be brutal dude! In the end, it's all about balance.

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TeeJay wrote:

I don't understand where all the complaints about the DS Lite are coming from. I got my Ds Lite second hand, second hand mind you, and about 4 years later it still works fine; no problems.

Good for you. Mine shattered like glass despite buying it new at launch. Guess you got lucky, or I got unlucky. Either way, I don't see how that invalidates my comment. My DS-lite was a flimsy piece of crap that self-destructed despite taking extremely good care of it. You should be able to easily see where this comment is "coming from".

TeeJay wrote:

Also, $180 for a DSi? I got mine at Toy's R Us for about $140 I believe, and that was after seeing a commercial about it on TV, so it was still new then.

Retail was $179.99 (I think) and I bought it on launch day. I'm sure some people stole them from people--that doesn't mean the handheld cost 0 dollars. I got my gen 1 PSP barely used for 30 dollars years ago from a friend with a game, carrying case, 3 memory cards, and 2 car chargers--by that logic, PSP is indisputably the best gaming value of all time. Therefore, MSRP is the main point of comparison. Still--congrats for paying closer to what the DSi was worth than I did.

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Kainard wrote:

Do a bit of research. I have seen Amazon, Target and Toys R Us offer deals many times for those complaining about the $40 price tag. This is for those of us in NA. Other countries I don't know what kind of deals you get.

Its the same in the UK where the RRP is £40 NOT $40... anyway, most of the launch titles, with the exception of those dodgy UBIsoft ports are around the half price point with Nintendogs, Pilotwings Resort, Street Fighter 4 & Lego Star Wars 3 being £25, Shadowars & Super Monkey Ball £20 to name a few... the ones that should be marked down, Rayman, Ravin Rabbids 3D and that 3D dinosuar game, etc are still trying to sell for £35 - £39.99 ?!?!? WTF

So yeah, for those that complain about the prices the deals are there if you look for them... oh and I picked up Samurai Warriors for £29, but after playing it I would have been satisfied if I had paid full.

People who had bought launch systems also managed to get good deals with the games in the UK with many shops knocking the price down before launch and adding game deals onto the price... It cost me £180 for a launch Aqua 3DS with Street Fighter 4 which I dont think was a bad launch deal.

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WaveBoy wrote:

I'll be opening my 3DS the day before E3, and I couldn't be more excited. Experiencing the 3DS for the first time the day or two before E3

Are you sure you know how much there is to do with the 3DS ? And that is even without playing a retail game.
I mean i would start getting into the system about June 1st if i were you. Then you don't have to rush anything and will have a quite good impression of the system before the hopefully exciting E3 show ans the eShop launches. At least that's how i'd do it.
And as i've said in another thread. Prepare for some really strange vision after you've just started to play in 3D and watch the stream in 2D. Don't say i dind't warn you, bro.

WaveBoy wrote:

regarding those mildy wonky hardware issues you're having. Are you honestly suprised? Nintendo plans on making a 3DS lite(or whatever it will be called) and those problems you've mentioned will most likely be history.

I've always been careful not to write this. The 3DS seems very crucial to Nintendo in the way they want 3rd parties to provide quality content for it. And as such i think risking early consumers by having such siginificant design flaws wouldn't be the best idea. They must have been in a tremendous rush to get out the system imo. On the other hand Nintendo always ruled the handheld section except for Japan where the PSP is really gaining momentum . Maybe that could make them a bit arrogant in that department...

Kainard wrote:

Those disappointed what do you expect right now? The system hasn't even been out for 2 months and there is a lot more coming in the summer. Didn't the DS do quite bad when it was first released or do people just conveniently have amnesia? Did everyone think there would be a tremendous amount of quality right in the beginning? No one has any patience these days and there is still good games right now.

Well, i don't know. The DS had Super Mario 64 DS and the Wii was lucky to get Twilight Princess. I guess that's two games that make a big difference to many people here. The higher price of the 3DS drives expectations even higher i would say. Keep in mind i'm only talking game-wise here. And i'm not complaining since games like Ridger Racer 3D, Super Street Fighter IV and PilotWings Resort wouldn't be as good on the DS imho.

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That either. None of those games (including Animal Crossing 3DS) were never considered or mentioned as a launch window release. Especially those three mentioned.



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