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Well here is my thoughts of the 3ds.

First 3d game system that actually doesn't kill your eye sight (and it's a handheld!)
Circle pad.
AR games.

Camera for AR games is terrible
Speakers sound like they were taken from a dollar store set of headphones.
The screens scratch easily even if you keep them spotlessly clean. (yeah mine already has light scratches.)
it's a dust magnet (which adds problems to the above)
the horrible design of the clam-shell effect (close the screens the bottom screen leaves lines on top screen. sadly even the put a piece of cloth between screens doesn't help.)

In my opinion the 3DS, while being a powerful handheld, suffers from ignoring the obvious hardware problems. Now I know people will say about the screen problem "just buy a screen protector" really? I would think by now Nintendo would have put on their own screen protector (and the ones they license are just junk!) Lazy on Nintendo's part. And of course they will say "well the sound sucks because it's not an Ipod." ok well that is no excuse, when even the 1st gen ipods sounded amazing. Nintendo could have payed a little more to get better speakers.

Honestly I can only give this system a 5/10
when I think of paying $250 for anything I would hope it actually work right, and not suffer from what it was made to do.
Im gonna send in my 3ds to get it replaced and then buy a good screen protector, but if even after that the screens still get screatched... I think I may just demand a refund.

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My 3DS earns an 8/10, just because of the 3DS sound still not leting me add 100% of my mp3s and the lack of "Must have" games. Other than that I've had no real problems. The AR camera works fine for me, I'm not sure what everyone elses problem is. lol
Other than that I'm annoyed that the friend codes allow you to do almost nothing, I can't easily get streetpasses, and the lack of eshop is making me impatient... But those aren't really flaws with the system.

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3DS? What's that again? Oh! you mean that thing collecting dust in my living room?

Nah I'm just kidding, crappy launch is all, when it gets more games it will probably skyrocket past the success of the regular DS. I mean, it's a better graphics DS with an analog stick, online, and other robust features. I'd be incredibly surprised if it didn't outsell DS.


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Ask me next month in early June, 'that's' when I'll be opening my 3DS. It's going to be an awesome treat before Nintendos LIVE E3 show! unboxing and playing the 3DS for the first time, and then witnessing Nintendo's E3 show and experiencig the unveiling of their next console is going to be even BETTER than christmas. And while I'm playing around with the 3DS, I'll be playing Super Maio Galaxy 2 for the first time hehe.

Until then, I've got Sin & Punishment 2, A Boy & his Blob, Resident Evil Zero Archives and the VC to play with.

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I haven't used it much lately, a bit of Street Fighter here and a bit of Ridge Racer there, but that's about it. It had an awful launch with only a handful of good games, the rest were absolute crap. Then with the long wait to get the Internet Browser, eShop, DSi Transfer etc. it seems the 3DS was a little rushed out before any of its major selling points were useable.

Okay, maybe we can live without the Internet Browser and eShop, but c'mon, at least put in DSi Transfer, we might want to fling our DSiWare titles on to our 3DS and get some store credit from our DSi.

The poor quality of games at launch didn't help the 3DS out one bit and with the serious lack of adding friends to your roster (really? Show them what I'm playing, my favourite game and an awful 16 char. limit? Eff off), it seems quite a half-baked console, ofcourse this will probably be until the June update.

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Okay, nearly two months later now ... But at least now i've got a really great game to associate with the 3DS. That one would be Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. At least it's great about four hours in so far.
But the other games i've bought haven't been bad either. Ridge Racer was very good though they played it safe with their typical vehicles and alterations of 5-ish tracks imo . Pilot Wings Resort is a perfect game to relax with and i'm still trying to find everything in Free Flight Mode. I've played through Street Fighter IV's Arcade mode in the easiest difficulty but don't have the motivation to play more of it at the moment. Except for the ingenious StreetPass mode that is.
I'd say it's a given that i'll get many more of the titles that are out yet. Once they reach the right price point for me. Nintendögs, Bust-A-Move Universe, Lego Star Wars, PES, Steel Diver, Rayman 3D and Samurai Warriors: Chronicles come to mind for now. So i'll not have a problem to find a 3DS game to play until June 7th. And i hope this day brings forth good 3DS VC and eShop titles as well as trailers and release dates for 3DS games that really aim to be future classics.

I'm mainly playing with wireless switched off so i don't get the BSOD then. Not a big problem for me at the moment.
The clam shell effect really is a downer. No scratches yet but it makes cleaning the screen harder. I thought Nintendo was smart enough not to make such a significant flaw in design.
Got used to the Start, Select and power buttons, haven't used the touchpen much and haven't played a DS game on the system yet. Enjoying the slide pad very much.
I like how the 3D effect is giving the graphics more depth. Some day i'll even be willing to turn it lower than the maximum setting. And not make-believe that i'll just get used to these ghosting images. I swear.
Just had to play around with the 3D photography and AR cards and they amazed me. Though i'm not that artistically driven to get much out of this.
But i've got to say what really caught me off guard are the great uses of StreetPass. It's a big joy to be surprised by getting a StreetPass hit, some part of a puzzle, help in the Find Mii game and some great StreetFighter IV battle data. I hope many games use that feature in the future. (Mario Kart and FIFA / PES games seem like a natural fit there.)

WaveBoy wrote:

...unboxing and playing the 3DS for the first time, and then witnessing Nintendo's E3 show and experiencig the unveiling of their next console is going to be even BETTER than christmas.

Be prepared for some strange vision after playing the first bit of your 3DS then, buddy.


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still carry it around all the time.
but mostly plays DS titles on it.

my only complains are:

  • wobbly top screen. when its fully opened, it reminds me the old DS version that had this problem too.
  • the new stylus hurts my hands after 30 minutes of playing. oddly, the old plastic version didnt, so i end up using my wacom tablet stylus.

as fas as it goes, the battery life and power was discutable, but it didnt affect my playing as much as I thought it would.
yeah, 2 or 3 times i had to put it on sleep mode because of that, but its not gonna make me buy that nyko powerpak and screw it on my 3DS.

now i just cant wait for the next update!

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Guys, here is is an interesting link to a conversation on how the 3DS gives a look at things to come in regards to Project Cafe (Wii 2).

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Time to get real. This 3ds is not going to do well for nintendo.

How many good games are on it, 4 maybe......

Resident Evil and Zelda are games that can be completed in a short time so once they are released and the hype is over the 3ds looks like its going back on the shelf unless you want to complete the games again and again and again.

3ds is a bit of a desperate machine for nintendo and the price they charge for it means no sale for me.

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One month on and I am still loving it and so is just about everyone I know.

The number of decent launch games has been generally higher in amount than for previous consoles launches haven't they (looking at the NL revws)? I'm surprised they haven't got games like Mario Kart 3DS out yet as that would make the 3DS sales sky rocket imho.

The above comments remind me of what they said about the DS


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My impression so far is positive. I very much enjoy Pilotwings. Nintendogs is a bit annoying and I got bored with Street Fighter IV. I've mostly played Pokemon White and Professor Layton on it. The next game I'm getting for it is OoT.

I enjoy the StreetPass feature and the AR games too.

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I still haven't even seen a 3DS in person yet. I've been wanting to check it out at Best Buy to see the 3D effect.

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I'm one of the few people posting here that can't really find much to dislike about it. I mean the launch games aren't the best but the games I've got (lego star wars III, Pilotwings resort, Nintendogs + cats, getting lego pirates of the carribean) are games I would get if they weren't launch games (although Pilotwings is too short) I don't have a sound problem, the 3D is good for me but,I does take a while to turn on (about 5-10 secs)

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SamuraiShyGuy wrote:

I still haven't even seen a 3DS in person yet. I've been wanting to check it out at Best Buy to see the 3D effect.

I saw one at my local Gamestop but for the some reason the 3D wouldn't turn on. I tried the slider and everything to no avail T_T


@irks: i blame parental controls

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Well there is a problem with this system. The 3D aspect isn't for virtual reality, its just to create a sense of 3D space. I think the novelty will wear off real quick once we realize that the visuals are 3D only and that the game isnt 3D gameplay elements. We will find ourselves turning off the 3D knob and reverting to the 2d.. and when it comes down to it, it needs to be a great and addictive 2d game first. then the 3d only ads a level to the visual experience. real 3D is what will make games worth being in 3D. like if someone were to create a helmet where you can fix the 3ds to it, then the gyroscope/motion sensor within will allow us to turn our heads to experience real 3d ...



Another item for Nintendo to consider is the removable option for the top screen from the controller .. when you really get into a game, you find your arms moving and hands going everywhere... but you must keep your eyes in a narrow window to see the 3d visuals... so, an option where you can detach teh controller or to use the wiimote for some games would acutally help in my opinion



Had 3DS since launch but didn't play much apart from streetpass games. They are great fun and I've had a fair few streetpass hits, mainly by going to organised meetings.

The last few days I've been playing Nintendogs+cats & its brought the problems I knew about more to the fore. I can't play with the 3D on, strain on my eyes & I can't see it clearly - I can get it into the 'sweet spot' and see the 3D but its so small a sweet spot, I'm out of it with the smallest of movements.
There is another 3DS in my household so might 'pinch' it and see if the sweet spot is bigger on that one.

I find it uncomfortable to hold and my thumb ends up on the ridge of the lower screen - so now I know why others are getting grease marks on the top screen -I haven't got those marks as there are screen protectors on, I keep the white foam inbetween when closed & now wipe down the edge where my thumb sits.

All of this doesn't really bother too me much, what does is the BSoD - I've had two, at the home screen menu.
I'm hoping it will be fixed with an update, because I was intending to play animal crossing on this console (if & when a new version of the game is released), its a wifi heavy game, it won't be realistically playable if BSoD is still a possibility.

Looking forward to what will be offered with the June update.
On the whole I'm pleased with it, not so if they bring out another version quickly which solves some of these niggles.
I'm not sure BSoD will be solvable via a software update.

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Lesson learned:

Never. EVER. EEEVVEERRR let 3rd parties run-amuck at launch. Ever.



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