Topic: 3DS November Update: Ability to record 10 minutes of 3D video & Youtube Uploading?

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Andriasang wrote:

Nikkei has shared a few details on Nintendo's promised video capture support for 3DS.

According to the paper, video support will be added to the system in late November. Users will be able to take up to 10 minutes of 3D video, allowing them the added enjoyment of uploading videos to external video sites like YouTube.

The Nikkei report lacks specifics. It doesn't even specifically state that you can upload videos to YouTube directly from your system. However, the timing of the report would suggest that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata intends to address this issue during the presentation that Nintendo will be holding on Friday night, so we should get details shortly.

The original article can be found right hyah if anyone would like to take a look at it.
Now, discuss!

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Wait until tommorrow.


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Radixxs wrote:

No, wait until Friday.

That's tomorrow....

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tynerds37 wrote:

Radixxs wrote:

No, wait until Friday.

That's tomorrow....

depending on where you are its today.


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I'm not sure I understand. Will the 3DS record 3D video by judging distances itself? That would be quite impressive.

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I'd say this is a more or less valid report, andriasang is one of NL's sources, so if the admins use it, I'll accept it as a valid source



HeraldMastema wrote:

I'm not sure I understand. Will the 3DS record 3D video by judging distances itself? That would be quite impressive.

3D is created the same way our eyes see it, from two angles. the 3DS two outer cameras will record the video and the two images are mashed together. You now see double vision. Now polarize these images so your left and right eye see different images.And viola you have 3D, there is no need to judge distances

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10 minutes of video is ok, around the same length that my camera records.

Now update the sound recorder so we aren't stuck with 10 second limits.

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Andriasang's original source is Nikkei, which is one of the most reliable outlets I know: it's been right about practically everything Nintendo-related for the past few years.


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i hope its not 10 minutes maximum, that would suck, and what about those people with like... 64 gig sd cards... I hope its 10 minutes each video...


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i watch the con. its 10 minutes at a time and stop motion

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sounds cool. don't forget the update in november will give you the ability to transfer from one 3Ds to another one.

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Oddy wrote:

YouTube uploading isn't confirmed, is it?

No, but there's gotta be someway to transfer the video files from your 3DS to Youtube. Of course, it would help if we could play Youtube on our 3DSs ...

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Yeah, there's gotta be a 3DYoutube app, or else what would be the point of uploading 3D videos to Youtube? Especially glasses free 3D, that hardly anybody currently would be making use of.

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