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I believe I posted something similar, but I really want to know now that the 3DS is out in Europe and coming out Sunday here in the US. For those of you who have SSFIV3D (as it's the only game currently with online play), does the game mention anything about Nintendo Wifi Connection?

One of the things that obviously stands out is that there are no "NWFC" symbols on the box arts. It's not "OMG! I'll die if I don't know!" type of thing, but it's something I've been wondering for awhile and can't find the answer. It's concering, to a point, since eventually, Pokemon Black and White's servers will shut down fairly soon (2 years I'm assuming but not hoping) as Nintendo moves on to their new online infrastructure, and then Brawl's. Maybe I'm thinking about this too much and part of me is hoping they aren't ditching NWFC but then again, it can be for the better.

So, can anyone confirm whether or not SSFIV3D uses NWFC? Or any mention of it?

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The review says that you can play matches against other players both locally and online (via WFC, as confirmed by the 'feature support' portion of the info box to the right).

If you'd like to discuss SSFIV3D further, please feel free to use this existing thread. Thank you :3

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