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Found an interesting glitch in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story when it's played on a 3DS. Near the end of the game, after you get into Peach's castle and fight the trash robot boss, you're prompted to return to Bowser's body. When you get in, you're supposed to go to the lumbar area and "stimulate" the spot by drilling down into it to reawaken Bowser. Toadsworth and the blue mushroom dude start having tea, and there's a long dialogue sequence that leads up to you closing your DS until Toadsworth's "alarm" (the actual DS's alarm clock alarm) sounds.

If you open your DS early, you're basically stuck on the screen saying to come back when the alarm rings. And there's the problem. Because the 3DS doesn't have a built in alarm clock like the other models did, that alarm never rings, which means you can't progress.

So yeah, I realize 99.98% of the people who own BIS also own another DS to play it on, but it's something to think about if anyone is planning to pick it up later on. It's impossible to complete on a 3DS.

EDIT: It seems you can just leave the DS open and the scene eventually ends. I stand corrected. Good foresight on Nintendo's part, though.

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