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I have almost finished Fall Blox.

Epic game

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finished crimson shroud. graphics: 8/10 sound: 9/10 gameplay: 8/10
overall: 8/10 XD the story was awesome but it lacked. but its still an awesome game. plus its pretty affordable so it was worth it!!

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RR529 wrote:

Just finished Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance! Beats out Tales of the Abyss as my favorite 3DS game (then again, I am a huge KH fan ).

Seriously though, this is easily the best game in the series since KHII (ranks up there with KH & KHII in terms of quality, IMO. Also keep in mind I haven't played BBS, which I hear is also very good).

Flowmotion is a wonderful addition to the series, and I think it'll really let them open up the worlds once the series makes it's eventual debut on an HD system (Climbing up Notre Dame, Jumping around all the Skyscrapers in "the World that Never Was", and scaling the rides in "Prankster's Paradise" were very exhilarating).

The new monster collection aspect was also a very welcome addition to the series (and the fact that it really only works in the context of this game's story, makes it all that much more special).

Of course, the combat is as solid as ever (and the Command Deck system, which I believe was introduced in BBS, keeps things fresh & quick).

The story was also very riveting (especially for someone who has been closely following it, such as myself), with some wild twists & turns, and some revelations that had me on the edge of my seat. Oh, and the the final 4 or 5 boss fights were nothing but pure awesomeness (offering a heaping dose of series nostalgia, as well as some equally awesome new foes).

The only negative things I could really mention are the fact that the TWEWY characters & most of the Disney worlds featured didn't do much for me, but that's probably just me nitpicking, because I haven't played TWEWY or seen the movies those particular worlds were based off of (although Country of Musketeers, The Grid, & to a lesser extent Symphony of Sorcery were standout greats, IMO).

Man this series always blows my mind. I agree with you this is one of my favorite games maybe even my top (maybe). What i really loved was SPOILERS!!!! at the end when Axel appeared he is just the best (i bet you can tell by my picture) an this game got me so ready for Kingdom Hearts III so they really got to start making that game because I'm ready for it!!!

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