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I finished Skylanders: Giants a while ago, but nobody ever talks about it here and I feel like a rant, so I will share what I thought about it.
Just like the first game you get upgrades by leveling rather than any Gold system like on the console games. This system was great in the original allowing you to replay the 35 gorgeous levels with a point. Sadly, the levels here are not very fun to replay. The original worked so well because it chose to focus on the plot so loosely, which let the gameplay take stand firstly and foremost, rather than you needing to skip through a buttload of dialog or continually switch menus. This game is less smooth overall in addition, the graphics are probably some of the worst in a 3DS game and the worst I've seen of my library. Something that may seem trivial but really makes things less fun to run through is that now once you complete a level you get forced back to the hub, then you need to talk to the pilot again, to replay other levels, whereas in the first you could just choose another level from your world straight after completing one via the menu- and it really is a noticeably worse system. It's the same with the NPCs and you can see that n-Space just chucked this game together at the last minute, because even in TIME TRIAL MODE which is meant to be fast and exciting you're forced to track down and talk to an NPC, and get interrupted by NPCs...
The fact there are only 16 stages now (excluding Adventure Pack worlds, which are the same as the original ones) only makes it more boring to replay and neither are said stages full of variety or spark very often. Giants has so many general issues it's difficult to recommend. It's even moreso because the original game is better in nearly every way, with better graphics, more polish, more levels, and all that, and the only way that Giants really trumps it is in collectables and exploration- which aren't even that great nor a good tradeoff for what you do get.
Also, notably widespread problem: more than a few copies of the game sent out tend to have bad framerate issues, I seem to have have one of the better ones and mine still slows down often, not to breaking pace, but I can see it clearly, and everyone else I ask or hear from tells me they have them too. The game has also made my system restart thrice which is not a good sign.
6/10: For ME it's probably 7/10 or maybe even 7.5/10, but I'm a huge fanbrat of the series. Those of you who aren't will not find too much to enjoy here because it's really just a mediocre at best platformer with some spiffy charm.

WaveBoy wrote:

Tetris - (VC)
Around 45 minutes of this tetraDookie was all that I could take. Brings back memories, memories of not playing it for more than 15 minutes each time i jammed in the cart when i was the Mullet Muppet of Mappy Land. I still love it...But I think I know the reason why, aside from that retro soaked nostalgia when the GB paved the monochrome green funky way with Tetris blasting into the palm of our radical hands, it's also because of this commercial! And the fact that the cool late 80's dude in it actually sort of looks like me haha.

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I recently beat Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. I actually enjoy it despite NL's scathing review. I only wish that it was much longer, and with the many different Disney characters in the game, it would've been a truly epic game if I could've gone to illusionary worlds based on all of the Disney films referenced in the game instead of just Peter Pan, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid. I also don't care much for the backtracking as a result of its shortness, but for what it's worth, I believe Power of Illusion is a little underrated. I would give it a 6 at least or a 7 at most. It could've been a lot better, but it's fine with what it offers.



Paper Mario Sticker Star: I completed this about a week ago so it basically took me more than a month because I got it launch day. It's a great Mario game, there's lots of exploration here, and engaging adventure with a creative yet robust combat system. The characters here are charming and the music is ear candy for jazz fans. My favorite levels were the snow levels, for the SM3 and SM64 music references. My favorite stickers were the Goat and Clone Jump stickers. It's one of the meatiest experiences you'll find on the 3DS. My only complaint is lack of new characters and environments. 9.4/10

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I have almost finished Fall Blox.

Epic game

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finished crimson shroud. graphics: 8/10 sound: 9/10 gameplay: 8/10
overall: 8/10 XD the story was awesome but it lacked. but its still an awesome game. plus its pretty affordable so it was worth it!!

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RR529 wrote:

Just finished Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance! Beats out Tales of the Abyss as my favorite 3DS game (then again, I am a huge KH fan ).

Seriously though, this is easily the best game in the series since KHII (ranks up there with KH & KHII in terms of quality, IMO. Also keep in mind I haven't played BBS, which I hear is also very good).

Flowmotion is a wonderful addition to the series, and I think it'll really let them open up the worlds once the series makes it's eventual debut on an HD system (Climbing up Notre Dame, Jumping around all the Skyscrapers in "the World that Never Was", and scaling the rides in "Prankster's Paradise" were very exhilarating).

The new monster collection aspect was also a very welcome addition to the series (and the fact that it really only works in the context of this game's story, makes it all that much more special).

Of course, the combat is as solid as ever (and the Command Deck system, which I believe was introduced in BBS, keeps things fresh & quick).

The story was also very riveting (especially for someone who has been closely following it, such as myself), with some wild twists & turns, and some revelations that had me on the edge of my seat. Oh, and the the final 4 or 5 boss fights were nothing but pure awesomeness (offering a heaping dose of series nostalgia, as well as some equally awesome new foes).

The only negative things I could really mention are the fact that the TWEWY characters & most of the Disney worlds featured didn't do much for me, but that's probably just me nitpicking, because I haven't played TWEWY or seen the movies those particular worlds were based off of (although Country of Musketeers, The Grid, & to a lesser extent Symphony of Sorcery were standout greats, IMO).

Man this series always blows my mind. I agree with you this is one of my favorite games maybe even my top (maybe). What i really loved was SPOILERS!!!! at the end when Axel appeared he is just the best (i bet you can tell by my picture) an this game got me so ready for Kingdom Hearts III so they really got to start making that game because I'm ready for it!!!

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