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PilotWings Resort

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My oh my was this much greater than I expected. Mission mode is just ace! Especially when you're going for 3 stars. the experience feels pretty darn deep and you get a great sense of reward and satisfaction. The controls are tight and super polished, while the 3D effect on the Rocket Belts and Gliders are pretty incredible at times, along with the stunning 'looking through a window into a virtual world' unlockable Diorama's. I managed to complete everything in the game which took quite a while, aside from getting the RED 'Perfect 3 star' scores which seems next to impossible....That or you'll be spending countless nights full of frustration. Out of the Launch titles I'm glad this was my first 3DS experience....Completely suprised by this one!

Graphics: 8
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8.5

Overall: 8.5/10 Juicy Jet Packs!

Super Mario Land

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I definitly got a nostalgiac retro kick out of this baby, especially with the Pea Soup Effect! But little did i realise how short this little quirky odd ballish adventure was. Not to mention it's quite easy for the most part, while the music is quite memorable, you'll be humming the tunes in a matter of no time. yet If it were longer and amped up in the challenge a bit a think I'd be singing a much greater tune, but for what it is it's still quite enjoyable and I'd LOVE to see a true Super Mario Land 3 on the 3DS...Just imagine the creative and bizzare possibilites, along with the weird enemies, unique bosses, the submarine and plane flying and the fact that this would feel much more fresh than any typical super mario title combined. a Spiritual Successor to Super Mario Bros 2(especially) or a SML 3 announcement would make my day!

Overall: 7.5/10 Bizzaro Bomb Koopa's!

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I finished Lego star wars III the clone wars. I thought it was pretty good for a Lego game.
8/10 graphics
5/10 gameplay
9/10 sound
7/10 Total

MarioKart7 Is on it's way =D Should be here any day now.
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I just finished SML 8/10
and Kirby's Dream Land 7/10

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Otaku wrote:

I just finished SML 8/10
and Kirby's Dream Land 7/10

Was this the first time you've ever played SML?
I was shocked how fast I blazed through it, I took down the bosses in a matter of seconds, although the Lion took 2 of my lives, but that's because i never realised that i was supposed to 'jump' over him instead of running below him when he jumps up in the air King Koopa style. More stages and greater challenge would of made SML a total classic.

I remembered it being a lot tougher as a child, but that's because my gaming skills were no where near as strong as they are today.

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Super Mario Land: 3/5
Wonky physics, dated visuals, and a general lack of memorable aspects seem to be common themes here. Part of Mario's appeal to me on the NES was the quality of the physics and having such control over the plumber, but this game offers none of that. Even so, it remains quite addictive and it's hard to complain about it. Far outclassed by its 5/5 worthy sequel, though.

Kirby's Dreamland: 2/5
This wasn't a remarkable game when I played it as a child, but I liked it anyway in spite of the steep price. Time has not been kind to it. The music is nice and all, but there really isn't much content here and the level design is surpassed by so many other games (Kirby or otherwise). It's not "bad", but there isn't much of a reason to have it in your collection beyond the terrific soundtrack. The sequel makes a mockery of this.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: 4/5
It's Ocarina of Time and Master Quest. It looks good. The water temple is easier. What more can you say?

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Pilotwings Resort
Graphics - 9
Gameplay - 7
Sound - 7
Overall - 7.5/10

Kirby's Dream Land
Very basic in all aspects and a breeze to play through, however the hard mode does offer some challenges, and I simply love when Kirby does the little dance. Found the King DeDeDe battle not hard but just annoying, as it seemed to go on forever, but otherwise there were no faults, but nothing mindblowing or outstanding. Overall - 7/10

Super Mario Land
Nice to finally play the original Super Mario and seeing as I had never played it before, (only being 13) and it was nice to play through, albeit all in 20 minutes. Of course, it was very recognisably similar to the other Mario platformers, and the lack of Yoshi kinda made me cry but overall it was a nice little game, especially due to the price. Overall - 7/10

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina OfTime 3D
I haven't actually finished it yet, as I was trying to savour the gameplay for as long as possible due to the lack of games coming out in forthcoming months, but, being halfway through Ganon's Castle, I can safely make the assumption that the game won't suddenly turn catastrophic at the end, also seeing as how I have played the 64 and GC Versions, I felt I could make a review. The 3D Visuals are mind-blowing, and the enhanced graphics really make a difference. If you compare the way Adult Link in the 64 version walks compared to how he walks in the 3DS Version, you can drastically notice the difference between them. The extra light makes the places more alive, (or dead) and the crisper visuals are joyously noticeable. The sound is crisper and dosen't have the original blur that made it sound so techno in earlier versions, and the game-play, as always, is flawless.

Gameplay - 10
Sound - 10
Graphics - 9.5
Overall 9.9/10

Super Monkey Ball
I have actually been on the Activity Log longer than it took me to finish the game. First off, the positives. It has nice vibrant colours and as always, it gives you just that nice feeling due to the new concept and overall look of the game........... that's about all for good things. Now the bad. If you use the Motion Sensor Controls you will soon seem it impossible to play the game. At first I thought the 3DS' Gyro Sensor possibly being a very cheap model may mean it isn't one of the best, but later on, Playing OOT and using the Motion Sensor, I realised that Sega had just used the Motion Controls awfully. The game I completed in 2 hours 8 minutes. There is no replay value, and, the lack of any decent mini-games make you put this down after the main story-line is over. Also, the sound is not very good, and the annoying guy shouting 'GO' as soon as you start makes me want to throw up. I know I've made it sound really bad, but it's actually quite fun, but ya know, it's like a little kids game, so it dosen't really work in a sense.

Gameplay - 5
Graphics - 6
Sound - 2
Overall - 5/10

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(strange, I really like the Super Monkey Ball game)

Anyway, on-topic:
Super Street Fighter 4.
Well it really doesn't have a story and you finish it quite easily. But that's what fighting games are about. So yes..
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 9
Sound - 7 (a bit out of sync)
Overall - 8/10

Dead or Alive Dimensions in fact does have a story of some sort. And I have completed that so..
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 7 (a bit out of sync)
Overall - 8/10

Super Mario Land
It was the first Nintendo game that I played on my GB. And it's still one of my favorites.
Score (compared to other GB games) 10/10, or in general: 7/10.


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the DOA audio sync issue(s) --[they cut scenes really aren't synced — the recent firmware update should have fixed the sync issue during game play] --- and it is a GREAT game but I am stuck on tag challenge 20!

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Kirby's Dreamland!

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Well, I ended up finishing this one twice tonight...On the 'incredibly weak sauce easy' Normal and then the 'Mega-man like hard' Extra mode and while the game took me back in time to pea soup monochrome kirby fluff land, it's just not quite as solid or even up snuff as Super Mario land in my opinion and that may sound crazy considering Kirby's Dream Land has got all the bells and whistles and clearly more effort and polish was thrown into it...

Kirby's Dreamland may have beautiful detailed top notch visuals, great animations, a wonderful soundtrack and offers one fine polished experience, but the fun while 'it's there' just isn't up to par with some of the later sequals. And I think that's because you can't copy any abilties, you cant double tap to run and Kirby's kick dash is abscent. It's a short yet sweet experience, but I found it a mix of both fun and semi-ho hum boredum.

Mind you, I've just never really been a big fan of the franchise all together....For me, Super Star Ultra perfected Kirby's Controls to their limits, they were so refined and kinetic unlike his less zippity and slower first outing. And Kirby just isn't Kirby without color, damn the GB's B & W or Green soup color, either way you just can't win. Anyways, I need to toss my 3DS aside and take a break from it. I haven't played anything other than the 3DS from June 7th up until now. Spending lots of time With PilotWings, playing a bit of SSFIV and Nintendog's, messing with the systems features, and now plowing through SML and Kirby's Dreamland. It's time to give the Wii some lovin, starting with Mega Man 5!

OVERALL! 7/10 Mega yummy Marshmallows!

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Completed Zelda Oot at the weekend.
Well what can I say. The best just got better.I've played every version of this game and this truly is the definitive version.From the gorgeous (yet still retro)graphics , the fantastic 3D effect and the awesome touchscreen menu , map etc it truly is amazing.
Just started up a MasterQuest file and I am enjoying the different puzzles and having to think about stuff again.Only done the first 2 dungeons so I'll reserve judgement on their re-design until I complete it.Everyone with a 3DS must play this game!! (not like there is much choice anyhow)
10/10 from me.Superb.

What's this bit for again?


Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

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Another masterpiece that some how managed to escape my teeny weeny bogus finger tips when I was a Super Mario obsessed Mega Man blastin' youngster back in the day when Nintendo Ruled the universe. Yet my best friend Brian had a copy of the original LA during the time(which is what i'm refering to, not the DX version that came out years later.), and I totaly doddled with the Linkage' here and there, but I never quite got into it like i did with the original LOZ and Zelda II: Adventure of Link back on the Nes.

Those 2 had a giant impact on me, like many of us here(Ultra DUH!) even though i never considered either of them as being some of my favorite Nes games growing up, but they were close and instantly hipnotizing with their amazing soundtracks and SFX. The NES Dungeon music blew me away with it's spooky, eerie, mysterious and atmospheric tunes, where as II:Adventure of Link's Overworld shimmered and sparkled in all of it's chip tune glory, it was magical stuff.

And while I 'liked' portable gaming at the time, i never spent too much time or got obsorbed into the Game Boy...And that's because i was MUCH more of a console gamer(aka the Nes & SNES during the time), the GB didn't come close to having the same impact. Aside from the tiny little screen, i'm betting the ghosty green 'hard to see' monochrome Pea plastered LCD screen had a lot to do with that.

But it's safe to say that Link's Awakening DX blows 'both' LOZ and II: Adventure of Link out of the sparkly mermaide Bouncin' water. However I found the experience to be more enjoyable during the first half...The first half was a 10 for me, total perfection in gaming...Not only did I find the first 5 dungeons more satisfying, i felt more on my toes, planning out my moves carefully and the like. Reason being is because i hardly had any hearts, which 'right there' bumped up the difficulty. As you progress your chances of dieing are so slim since you keep collecting more Heart containers after slaying each boss. As a result i never really planned out my attacks, wasn't on my toes and at times just rushed through enemies just to get to the next area or to solve or unlock a puzzle...Usually that's whenever I'd rarely lose patience...Cough* 7nth Dungeon!(AKA The Eagle Tower) lol

But whatever bud! Like it even matters if you die anyways, considering there's no real concenquence other than starting right at the beginning of the Dungeon(big whoop!) with everything that you've done already completed, so you really don't even care if you die. After all, Zelda's a mind puzzle, it makes you think real good and that's what it's all about. But i still would of loved more of a challenge.....I like to work, 'Capcom' style. I want to be forced to master my skills and put it all to use like a pro Mega Man style. I love dripping with surfer sweat as I'm dwindled down to one pellet of life while being radically on my toes, dodging, deflecting and hopping over my devilishly tricky foes, while finally taking that evil big shadowy baddie down earning one massive over load of self-reward and satisfaction which is how it goes!

All of that epic ryhming aside, first half was a 10 for me....2nd half was a 9. Also, the Color Dungeon was weak.....I only recomend checking it out 'AFTER' you complete the game, which was a smart move on my part. I don't need Link to be anymore overpowered...That would make the game even more easy. Sigh* Anyways, again thee' BEST Zelda I've ever played....Out of the massive 5.

OVERALL: 9/10 Slimy WindFish Mermaid Borrito's!

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Street Fight 4 8 out of 10
LOZ OOT 10 out of 10
Shantae 9 out 10 awesome Platformer.



Street Fighter
I thought this was a nice title to start with. Apperantly, it is not. There is no (big) story, everything is unlocked, and Online mode is full of spammers. If you know some friends, play with them. Or the console version. Controlls are horrible as well.
Total 7/10 You can play it if you want, but it doesn't last long.
Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
Great remake. Amazing game. I really don't have to say a lot. A wait, it is one of the best games ever, but it's out of it's time actually.
Total 9/10 Great game, just a little bit dated.

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Solatorobo (finished yesterday)

Thought: "wanna play again right now"
Did so. Nice, colourful worlds, lovely characters, great musics. Worth my time.

Grammar errors? We could use the german language instead of the english one of course - do you dare? ;)


After reading this I realized the only 3DS games I own belong to my brother and haven't been completed.

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i have bought over 10 3DS games and yet to complete a single one...

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I've done everything I possibly can on Dead or Alive: Dimensions.
Awesome game. Quick thoughts on all of the modes:

Chronicle Mode: Laughably convoluted and cliche, but great tutorial and introduction to the game as a whole.
Arcade Mode: A tad easy, fun to go back to now and then, but nothing Free Play can't do better.
Survival Mode: The computers may be easier, but it's a lot of fun to challenge the 100 man survival mode.
Tag Mode: Difficult ALMOST to the point of unfair, but it was a great change of pace with well executed balance.
Online Mode: Laggy, and no one is on.
Showcase Mode: Nifty little knick knacks, but most of them are just costume swaps...

All in all, with 30 hours invested in this game, I'd say I got my money's worth.

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How come nobody has put donkey kong?

Well, for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it isn't the old arcade game I'm talking about. I'm talking about the game boy game, which the the first in the series of the Mario vs donkey kong series. This game is $4 on the eshop and it's awesome! It has plenty of levels to keep you playing for hours and it gets very difficult. This game has great music, awesome controls (you can do backflips), and the environments are amazing. Besides the fact that it's in black and white, this game is near perfect. I'm gonna give it a 9/10

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The last game I completed on the 3DS is Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, but it wasn't recently. I completed that game half a month ago.

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