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So I bought a 3DS for the upcoming release of Pokemon X & Y, but wanting to use it as of right now I searched games in retail stores (I live in Bulgaria). I was totally surprised by what I saw, there are almost none 3DS games. I mainly searched for pokemon DS games and I found none, then I thought :"Well ok let's go for mario games." and I found nothing, neiter DS games nor 3DS games. I was searching the biggest retail stores in my country but found nothing. So I want to direct this message to nintendo : How do you think people will buy your console when there aren't even games for them ? I was real skeptical if there would be a pokemon X & Y release here ,but talking to the store manager from one of those stores, he told me that there will be maybe not on 12th of October but it will eventually be there. I was also informed by some friends in other Europe countries that this is also happening there as well. So why is Nintendo not selling games to us ?



You could use eshop

I am from Norway. Pleas have in mind my english might not be the best. but I am trying ;)

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But there aren't any traditional pokemon games from the DS, B&W (2), Platinum, etc . So how am I supposed to play them If I want to ?



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