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Game have the downloads of a few 3DS games that i want for quite reasonable prices.

Whats the average size of the 3DS game? All these blocks available confuses me! and what SD card would everyone recommend? Ive got 4 GB at the moment, but ive got Animal Crossing to download when its released, and i also want to down Monster Hunter and Castlevania.

Would 8GB be big enough for these, or should i maybe invest in bigger in case there are others i want to download?


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8 GB is good enough

8 blocks=1MB

Big games are anywhere between 2000-8000 blocks

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8GB should be enough for these, at least from what I heard. If you have plans to acquire anything else however, you better invest in bigger SD Card though.


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Why stop at only 8 GB? Quality SD cards are so cheap, you may as well get a 16 or 32 if you plan on downloading more in the future. 8 GB will fill up fairly fast if you plan on downloading multiple retail titles.

2000-8000 blocks per game is actually low. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is 17,600 blocks. That would take up over a fourth of an 8 gb SD card. More big games like that are bound to come out down the road.

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I've got a 16 GB SD, and I'm planning on downloading AC:NL and RE:R. I should still have plenty of space left, although I think that I read that RE:R is about 15,000 blocks or so. But, I have around 99,000 blocks, so I should be just fine.

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Thanks for the input guys! Will more than likely get a 16 or 32 GB card as not sure what the future holds. If game keep digital at these prices i can see my purchasing a lot more!


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Just got a 16GB memory card and im currently downloading Mario Kart! Thats one game off the list!!


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