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@pam86 I'll join the community as soon as I get all my characters back. My friend has a 3DS I have a New 3DS XL. We both started sharing Mariokart7. I played it first. I just completed everything when my friends 3DS family played mariokart7 it deleted all my saves by its self. Guys I've learned something new that you should listen to. Never let a person with an old 3DS play mariokart7 if you played it with a new 3DS XL. Instead, let them borrow your New 3DS XL.


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@Karuo awesome will do. Also need someone trustworthy to trade certain pokemon who need to be traded to evolve! And get them back of course. Hopefully someone else wants to do the same we could do one at a time and trade back so there's no funny business!



@IronWillske i was looking for someone just like your looking for and if you want i can train up your pokémon



@ElliottBlack1 will do in the next week, on a family trip without WiFi over the next few days

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@IronWillske Do you know what type safari you have and what pokemon are in it?
@Karuo What type of friend safari do you have?

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cool i have 15 games and yes supersmash bros. is one of them u want to play a game now @Karuo



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