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@retropunky - I added you.

Keep doing your best everyone.
Sending Swapdoodles-3ds.
{Online[USA]: PkMnY, PkMnORuby, FinalFantasyExplorers, MetroidFederationForce,
FantasyLife(NoDLC), Zelda:TriForceHeroes, SuperMysteryDungeon.
KidIcarusUprising, SmashBros3ds/WiiU, MarioKart8, StarfoxGuard.}

3DS Friend Code: 1478-6524-2760 | My Nintendo: C.A.L. | Nintendo Network ID: Yospirati


Do you have multiple codes? 4783/4786

It all started from Game&Watch.

3DS Friend Code 5455 9594 9430.
Switch Friend Code 7313-1538-3028.


Hello All, Looking for some friends to play Pokemon with. I mostly play ultra sun but have all the pokemon games. I like to battle, breed, and trade so if you want feel free to add me.
FC: 3626-1209-1350 IGN: JJ


3DS Friend Code: 3626-1209-1350


My friend code is 4098-8392-2486
I play Pokemon Rumble and would like to make some friends to get the free gems! I also got Pokemon Moon the other day so once I'm further into that, I'd be happy to battle and trade and stuff.

3DS Friend Code: 4098-8392-2486 ~ Nintendo Network ID: glowdarq ~ My Nintendo: Heather


Been using my 3DS more often, yet no friends to play Mario Kart 7 with

Add me if you want and and I'll add back!

FC: 2878-9590-3292

NNID Wii U: Link41
3DS FC: 2878-9590-3292


@Caryslan i added you would love to play i play smash mh4u and many others already put in yours my name is Datboi



My friend code is 5473-2381-6088



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