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Hi, ive just been to my local HMV and had a play on the nintendo 3ds to quite honest, the 3d effect doesn't fly out of the screen but rather sinks back, it's amazing and looks like the 3d in this Super Mario 64 video:
i played Super Street Fighter 4 3d and it was really fun, the graphics were amazing and the circle pad was really good

my brother must have some eye problems has he couldn't see the 3d effect... it hurt both my dads and my brothers eyes, but mine were fine, though i felt slightly queasy

the 3ds it's self felt like it was smaller in my hands than my ds lite does and looks really nice (the one i played one was the aqua blue one)

I would like to hear from you and see what you thought when you first played on the 3ds

P.S does anyone know if there is a topic like this, im sure there is, but i couldn't find one

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I was blown away by the effect! Its amazing. The graphics from a scale of 1 (Wii) to 10 (Xbox 360), I'd give it a 9. It feels nice in my hands. I went from a DSi to a 3DS. Online is outstanding. (Except for those F***ing Noobs on SSFIV 3D!)
I let out a sigh of relief when I could see the 3D. There have been reports of a small amount of people not being able to see the 3D effect. Your brother could be part of that small group.

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