Topic: 3DS "eShop" will not use Nintendo Points

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CharlieMaster wrote:

salty1264 wrote:

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cause with the wii if i want a game thats 800 points i need to get 5 for 4000 points cause i cant just buy 800 points or 1600 only by the 1000s

...say what? Since when do you need 4000 points to buy an 800 point game? This post made no sense. At all.

He meant if he wanted 5 800 point games...

Aviator wrote:

lz20XX wrote:

Fans just can't be pleased. What's wrong with getting rid of Nintendo points?

Everyone needs something to whine about.

wah low battery life. wah price. wah region locked. wah I have to use cash instead of points.

If your gonna complain like that it simple what you do. Don't buy the system!

I agree with this. It's annoying and pointless.

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As long as I can get cards for it, I'm fine with this change.

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