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So the update is up now. How is everyone finding their 3DS shop experience?

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mine is under maintenance



kpdesigns wrote:

mine is under maintenance

Same here. The browser is actually alright though
I'm using it to post this right now!

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I managed to download Excitebike before it went under maintenance. I didn't really get much opportunity to browse unfortunately.

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What is Error Code: 005-4240?

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There's probably a high volume of traffic and that's why we're getting the 'under maintenance' message.

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i'm able to get in now. I love the new experience, let me know what you guys think. I believe they finally got it right

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A little glitchy at first, but it seems to work fine now. So far, I love the interface of the eShop, the section that highlights screenshots/synopses of current retail titles (wish there were demos), and the "create a restore point" function in VC games.



Pretty slow, but after a couple hours of wading through server maintenance and error messages, I'm finally on it! I'm pretty excited, myself.

Hopefully all the error messages will go away soon.



As I reviewed, the eShop gets 3.5 out of 5 for me.

It's better than DSiWare. It's still inferior to Sony, Microsoft and Apple. Content it a tough too hard to track down - especially DSiWare (but 3DSWare will be the same once the library fills up). There's still a few too many menus to wade through to get to videos and some information.

But it's faster, and it's nice that the 3DS is finally online. See how Nintendo supports it from now.


Updated this morning
Works great!

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It's the most adorable and enjoyable shopping experience ever. No joking, I love the Nintendo charm all over this thing, including the little shopping-bag-guy and his antics during download.

This is why I love Nintendo products: the shop is not just about downloading games, it's like a toy in itself, as it should be.

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Got excitebike and the pocket monster index. any clue as to what new 3ds content will be announced june 13>?

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I really really love the eShop! It was so worth the wait! Its very fast and miles ahead of either the Wii shop or DSi shop in virtually every way. I've used Xbox Marketplace, PSN, the App store, and the Android Market and I think the eShop trumps them all. Its extremely well organized and I love the implementation of the little shopping bag guy. All in all the most well thought out and easy to use online shop I've ever seen. The ONLY improvement I would say it needs is a section on the main menu that houses all DSiWare. I was a little surprised not to see a shelf simply called "DSiWare." Other than that though, Nintendo did a stunning job putting this one together!

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I'm not crazy about it. The large icons take up way too much space, which makes browsing through stuff tedious. There doesn't seem to be a way to browse the entire DSiWare catalog either, which is a big problem for me.

I love the ratings system though, and it's nice being able to watch trailers for DSiWare games.



You can actually browse the entire DSiWare catalogue - at least it looks pretty big to me.
Go to the Software Search icon in the eShop, then select Search Filters, then select Platform and scroll down to the bottom and select Nintendo DSiWare, then select Apply Filters at the bottom of the screen. This will bring the DSiWare icons up in groups of about 20 with the option to click on the Next group at the far right of each group - I find I need to tap firmly a couple of times to bring up the next group, but maybe that's just my screen protector reducing sensitivity. They don't seem to be in a particular order to me, but I think all the ones which are OK for the 3DS are probably there. Try it and see

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I do like the way that the content is layed out in the eShop, but I hate the big blocky icons that take up so much space on the bottom screen! I think it would be a good idea for Nintendo to allow us to zoom out and see all of the icons layed out in a grid format, similar to the way the 3DS home screen works. It would make more sense to do it this way and make it MUCH easier to navigate around.

I also agree with everyone else who says that DSiWare should have it's own section that works in a similar way to the actual store on the DSi. I hate having to read about DSiWare titles on the internet and then search for them in the eShop.

I'm fairly sure Nintendo will improve the eShop over time. Afterall, they do see it as a major piece of the 3DS.

I'm just wondering now how Netflix/other video streaming services will work in-conjunction with the eShop. Will they be a seperate App download from the eShop, or will they be integrated? Only time will tell.

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Do they add new games to the eShop every monday like DSi/Wii? Just wondering...

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@Akatsuki - They're apparently changing it around and announcing the games on Monday like usual, but the games will actually be released on Thursday. Additionally, DSiWare and WiiWare updates will do the same thing from now on.

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I like it. Even more than PSN. And a helluva lot more than DSi shop and Wii Shop.

I also really like how blazing fast my games download- was really surprised.

And I think that little walking talking shopping bag is cute



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