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Topic: 3DS Dropping Opera?

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Opera on the Wii and DS isn't great, but it's probably more to do with the lack of power in the devices than the browser itself. The console/handheld Opera interface is nice enough, it's just very slow.

Perhaps Netfront is better optimised for mobile browsing anyway. I don't know anything about it and I've never used it.

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IMO DSi browser > PSP browser, besides the fact you can download from psp. The thing that make the biggest difference though is the touch screen. Surfing with touch screen makes it way better for me. So idk, combine the two and it might be really nice.




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IF browswer = ie THEN

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I don't care who makes it as long as it does youtube... preferably 3D youtube.... and handles the 3D image formats on the internets.

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If it leads to a better experience of course i'm all for it. :)
While the Opera browsers on the DSi and Wii have been quite good and really easy to use i've had some problems with them too. The inability to show anything other than text and pics slightly exaggerated and its slow speed compared to browsers on home computers are still things i find dissatisfying.

In general i'd love a browser that combines all the functions PC-browsers have with the intuitivity the DSi- and Wii-browsers have. I mean you never know where the web takes you. So it's always a bit sad when you found something good but can't watch it because the browser's not supporting its plugin. I'm not saying it's easy to achieve or even possible and of course sometimes you have to live with limitations.

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RoboPeachy wrote:

IMO DSi browser > PSP browser, besides the fact you can download from psp. The thing that make the biggest difference though is the touch screen. Surfing with touch screen makes it way better for me. So idk, combine the two and it might be really nice.

ACTUALLY both browsers suck pretty bad. Well worse then bad, they are like JUST better then a basic phones browser. lol
I'm sure this will be an improvement but with with the processor and ram the 3DS has, I'm not expecting much more then just a faster experience compared to the DSi.




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Besen wrote:

Opera is slow, but I never really relied on it as an effective browser. I just like the idea of running multiple applications on the 3DS (i.e. looking up things on the web in the middle of playing a game).

Also, nice icon, @Betelgeuse.

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tbh I wasn't holding my breath much for the 3DS browswer, but I must say this news saddens me a bit. While the DS / DSi Opera is pretty busted, I rather like Opera for iPhone (aeons better/faster than Safari) and feel that they're one of the better mobile web-browser developers. I'm still of the mind that outside of Flash 10.1/current-enough Flash support, browsers don't do much good anyway...the multitasking may provide some use for it though.

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The 3DS gets it's first ever firmware update today: http://gamrfeed.vgchartz.com/story/84395/nintendo-launches-fi...

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@TokyoRed Nice! Its good to see Nintendo is already updating the firmware. Hopefully this will be a regular thing, seeing as how the DSi firmware was updated only once really.

Anyways, to get back on topic, I hear that the Netfront browser is no good, but maybe the team is working with Nintendo to make it run better. Some you have said on this thread that the browser on the PSP and the PS3 uses the Netfront browser. I think the opera browser on the wii works well but the DSi one is slow probably because of the hardware.

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