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I think the reason it's only coming out in Japan before the holidays has more to do with the Wii U than the 3DS. Wii U is dominating in Japan, but Nintendo must be really hoping to sell a lot of Wii U systems in the rest of the world to stay in the race with PS4 and XOne, and releasing a new 3DS this x-mas might mean parents buy that instead of getting a Wii U for their kids, which doesn't do Nintendo as much good, especially if it's to replace a current 3DS and they're not going to be getting any extra software sales by selling that new 3DS. Smarter to just really push the Wii U, and with the new 3DS on the horizon, people will maybe think twice about buying their kids a 3DS for x-mas and realize this is the year to get a Wii U.

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