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Supermegaman wrote:

According to the trailer, it seems that the 3DS will double as a vacuum cleaner, and will be able to be dropped without signs of any damage whatsoever.
Oh, and it will be able to spout money. Although according to Superstar Saga, mushroom kingdom currency isnt worth all that much as of late.

Wow. I'm sold.

Lets take his leather pants.


i just noticed the max tomato in the backround and that could mean one thing. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII to kirby 3ds

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WaveBoy wrote:

Too bad we didn't get a Reggie Krueger. Really though, I havent' seen an Nintendo Add this creative, whacky and fun since the early 90's. SOOOOO much better than those horrible 'Wii would like to play' advertisments. Yet the worst Nintendo commercials of late have been for the DSi......
Nothing tops the Nintendo commericals of the 80's and early 90's!

But these upcoming 3DS commercials are going to truly creative and exciting, after all they have to be if they're trying to sell 3D. I was sold on this awesome teaser video. I loved it when Iwata was sucked into the 3DS 'quirky anime style'

Worst nintendo trailer? the commercial for super mario sunshine. "mario can't do it alone!" OMFG i died inside when i saw that.

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Deep Pascal, deep.


Nintendo commercial will be different. The commercial that you see there. is simple misleading in every way.

Nintendo can see tons of lawsuites firing up as soon as this hit the televisions. Specially in the US of A



Sony is Dead.. Nintendo just put Sony out!!!!!!,MUST HAVE OR SOUL WILL EXPLODE!! YAY NINTENDO!!,The 3ds is going to take over the world!!!,1.34 Bowser: IMA FIRIN MA LAZER BLAAARRGGH!,

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi XL


3DS Lite



the something probably like...

3DSi XL Infinity,

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That was a pretty awesome trailer, I chuckled a lot when I first saw it. It was priceless seeing Iwata and Miyamoto running away from Bowser like that and then seeing Reggie get fire breathed on him! If the 3DS commercials will be like that, they might compare to the 80's and 90's commercials of old!

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Microsoft,Sony:Hahaha,This is gonna show these Nintendo fanboys the way of motion sensing controlling that will WOW the audience.
Announcer: Now Nintendo introduces, the Nintendo 3DS!
Microsoft,Sony:You are friggin kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!

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