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Game Gear is Better
Cuz, Sega said so, and they never lie to me....

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JumpMad wrote:

Game Gear is Better
Cuz, Sega said so, and they never lie to me....


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im alwayzzzzz gonna tell my friend that Nintendo is better than Xbox


The 3ds is not any cooler than Move or Kinect. They're all cool, just different kinds of cool.



its very hard to compare, in my opinion the move isnt even relevant, its just a wiimote with a big blue ball. weee. but today i was at best buy and tried the kinect, it was pretty cool, but when you think about it, the novelty wears off quickly, so the 3ds might last longer in "coolness" but the hardware is nothing to compare.

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3DS is cooler than Kinect and Move because the 3DS has a gyro sensor[example: like playing super monkey ball on 3DS,you will have to move the console to move the ball]

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GameLord08 wrote:

Doesn't matter what it is, as soon as it has 3-D graphics, it's automatically the coolest. Joking.

It's strange you should mention that:
Enterprising programmers now have the Kinect doing 3D.



Judging from the review content within the reviews of Kinectaku; Microsoft appear to have rushed out the Kinect IMHO. Hopefully, Nintendo won't make the same mistake with the 3DS. But Ninty have WAY more experience with innovative video game tech...


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@LEGEND MARIOID Nintendo has always done rigorous testing of the new tech they bring out. No worries there.

Also stereoscopic technology has existed for quite some time so it's not something they really could rush out, lol. It's just that stereoscopic screens currently make the most sense being put on a handheld device and Nintendo, being the prime manufacturer of portable gaming devices, sees the potential of that.

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