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I have no idea but over the past few days my calendar keeps resetting( 1/1/2011 00:00). The first time I was like ok I'll just change it back. Then it did it again and again. Also nothing was consistent. Anyone else ever had this problem or have it.
Well right now it is just annoying, tough later when I play a game lets say animal crossing. Woah will I be in some deep trouble with resseti.

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Mine hasn't done that once. Sorry to hear that's happening to you...I don't really know what to tell you other than consult Nintendo for trouble-shooting or repair.

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Are you keeping it charged? I know if my PSP's charge runs out completely, it will reboot the date. If you are keeping it charged, it may be some sort of minor software glitch.

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the 3ds has a calender?


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Are the battery contacts clean? Perhaps power is occasionally being lost and causing the resetting...

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it did this to me when i changed my battery for a nyko. everything was fine, except the date was changed.
i think you have a battery problem !

either have to send it to nintendo or open the thing with a tiny screwdiver. get a good one, because those screws are not made of quality and they get used fast. after unscrewing it once, i know i will have to replace all of them the next time.

this is still odd, because everything is so tighly screwed, no dust should ever go in if you got it bran new, or never touched the battery.

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I support SamHoly as well. I just changed my battery and it happened to me.

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