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Hi all,

so i've been fiddling around with the 3DS since friday and wanted to ask you lads and gents about your highscores in several games.
What about putting some high scores here? As of i couldnt play launch-games because still havnt got em by mail lol so here i go.

Face Raider: Level1 30.750
Level2 30.930
Level3 27.810
Final stage 24.320
Bonus stage 20.590
Extra stage 20.590

AR Games: 2 minute fishing 350
AR-shot 14 shots
Shooting 0:53 min
AR-shot2 52 shots
Shooting2 5:35 min
23 fish in book

Ps: My fav games are free fishing and the face raiders
though any tips on extra stage of face raiders ?! I cant manage to get through it in one run , jeesh
nobody got a tip ? :/


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MH4 online thread

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Come on nobody wants to share their highscores or thought about the in-built software ?
Hey fishing is really relaxing and those anglerfish , jellyfish etc make REALLY good use of 3D.
Best presentation immo of the built-in stuff in my opinion.
Well those dont have online leaderboads ya know ....
feel free to discuss

MH4 online thread

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Please relax, Stereoman — people are probably too busy at the moment with the actual retail 3DS games to mess around so much with Face Raiders and the AR stuff. It's no big deal, perhaps this thread will pick up in a day or three. :3

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