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Hey guys I'm getting the 3ds soon but I need to know, is the battery really a problem? I know it is terrible but is it really a problem?



not that much. If you buy the Nyko Power Pak + like i did then you get minimum of 5 and a half hours, maximum of 12. With the normal 3DS Battery you get 2-5. Get the Nyko Power Pak +, and it has slightly better battery than a DSi, which in my opinion, is very good.

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I was thinking about that but does it make the 3ds really bulky? Will it still fit in a pocket?



i wont buy such an battery expansion. i dont think it would be very comfortable playing with it though i have to admit i never tested that.

i think the battery is okay. but i usually just play at home and only take it with me for streetpass. the battery is really good though in standby mode. you can walk around with it all day. only thing that really make the battery go low is 3D and maybe internet.

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Be sure to check out Nyko's various power pak options. There's one with a good grip that is surely to be comftorable for long gaming sessions.

I personally want to see Nintendo release a battery pak that can play with a minimum of 5 hours and a max of 10- as it's pretty reasonable. 15 would be sweet as a maximum and 8 as a minimum lol



Just leave the brightness low all the time, and whenever your near your charger, just charge it. Or, you can wait for the newer model 3DS which will probably have better battery (I hope)

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