Topic: 3ds bad battery life exaggerated?

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I've heard stories about 3ds having bad battery and I've played 2 hours 45 mins today on level 2 brightness with powersaving mode off and I still have three bars. Is it just me or is the battery life better than the claims of it being terrible.

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Nah I play it and Its crap



Everytime I put it down after use, its going back in its cradle. So I dont even feel like its charging. Have seen it run out yet! (Well, its only been two days....)



I'm not saying its as good as the dsi but its seems to be better than 5 hours.

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I've heard that the battery life varies greatly, depending on what you do and graphics intensity. Even when running the same tests multiple times there have been reported differences of over 30 mins to an hour. Even if worst comes to worst and you fi d yourself rubbing out of juice, you could always get an internal or external battery upgrade. It seems pretty decent as-is though .

Say, while we're talking about battery life, does anyone know whether it's bad for the battery to charge immediately after you get it? I've heard people say with other consoles that you need to fully drain it then charge then drain x5 for it to have its full potential juice.



It's perfectly fine for me. Whenever I know I'm not going to use it for a while, I just dunk it in the charging cradle so that I will always have enough battery life to last a few hours.

Even so, there's nothing stopping me from plugging it in and using it, it's not exactly inconvenient. Also, when I'm out and about with my 3DS, I think I'll rarely ever play it for more than 4-5 hours (what I seem to be getting) anyway, unless it's an extremely long plane flight.

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Nobody's really using streetpass/nothing much is happening yet on spotpass, so there's not a whole lot of background downloading - that stuff will kill the battery.

Though I don't know why anyone WOULD use street pass. With such crap battery, I'm only going to be turning wireless on when I want to play online, or there's an update I want to download. I'm not going to waste battery I could use playing by having the DS play without me.

If you want the battery to last (in the following approximate order of importance) don't keep it on sleep mode longer than you have to, turn off the wifi, turn down the brightness, turn off the 3D (backlight has to be on higher to see the 3D well), and turn down the sound.

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Not really sure what all the fuss is about to be honest. Around 5 hours is all I get out of my DSi when it's fully charged so 5 hours out of my 3DS will be fine. And how many people are going to be constantly using it for more than 4-5 hours on a regular basis without any access to an electrical socket? Is it really that much of a hassle to just plug the power adaptor into it whilst you're indoors?

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When the Led starts to blink red you better scream and save !
lost twice a save progress cause of this lol ...
until now i charged the 3DS five times, oh gosh i would love a battery upgrade ^^
Well if u are home u got no problems, but if you go by train it gonna be a torture i guess.

especially if you are creating Miis or take photographs u dont even notice if battery is low and suddendly *kazaam eternal darkness ...

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I did the Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition test playing the game at full brightness, full sound, and 3D all the way up and got 2 hours 46 minutes. But you can conserve power by using lower settings. So it's still not very good and I don't think it was really exaggerated very much.

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@ Corbie

2 hours 46 minutes? Ouch. Didn't think it was quite that bad! Every report I've read so far has said that 4.5 to 5 hours is the norm, and mine lasted for nearly 5 hours before needing to be plugged in (during which I played a lot of Pilotwings Resort and SSF4). I don't use the 3D much though due to not being able to see out of one eye properly...maybe it's the 3D effect that's draining the battery quicker than anything else?

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And my buddy who freelances for Kotaku performed this exact same test and got 2 hours 13 minutes. I did my test three times under the exact same conditions I listed and they ranged from 2 hours 40 minutes to 2 hours 51 minutes.

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You can plug it in and play until doomsday anyway so what's the problem? If you're out of juice get to the nearest electrical outlet duh.

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I haven't run out yet because I'm glued to the cradle most of the time, but I ordered a DSi usb charger from DX anyway. I'm a good deal more likely to have a laptop on hand than access to an outlet, when I'm away from home. I expect that will make things easier.

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Don't worry about sleep mode too much. I have it in sleep mode all the time and wireless always on (I think we should support streetpass) and it hardly uses ANY battery. But for the rest I got the same. 2.50 hours with everything turned on. But at home I have it pluged in and if you're not on a longer trip on the train you won't use these 3 hours gameplay during the dayI think....I'll still exchange for a better battery when one is released in Europe.



I got about 3 1/2-4 hours off my initial charge which was only for an hour 1/2.

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I don't like the idea that there's not an actual battery meter, like the XL has.

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Honestly the terrible battery life is the worst thing about the 3DS so far. Well, that and the lackluster launch lineup. Full settings and I can't break two and a half hours without it draining.

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whats even more shocking is that i read a certain part of the booklet and found out that you can only charge it 500 times before the batter sucks o.o

are the dsi and ds batterys like this because i never replaced a battery in my life it could be because i dont play it 24/7 all the time so thats probably why for me since i game on all of my consoles etc lol



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