Topic: 3DS Aussie Release Date Already Confirmed?!

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While patrolling Google News for any new tidbits regarding the Nintendo 3DS, I came across this tasty little nugget which pretty much speaks for itself:

So could this mean that we Aussies will see the 3DS in stores on the 24th of March? Does this mean that Europe will have theirs on the 25th of March? It seems likely given that these release dates are on a Thursday which is when new retail products by Nintendo are out here. Perhaps these aren't launch titles, and we could see the 3DS a week or two before the specified wouldn't that be wonderful? Thoughts...

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This means that the 3DS may actually be out in Australia and New Zealand on the 17th of March, and in North America on the 27th! Of course, despite the change in value of the $AUD, the 3DS is likely to be released here for the surprisingly ripping-off sum of $400, over $130 more than the US! I don't know about the rest of the Oceanic NLifers, but to me that's too much of a difference in price!

It still wouldn't stop me from nabbing one or two though!

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Meh, nothing is official (at least in North America) until January 19th

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