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Well, I have to say, so many people have no idea about AR Cards!
The Questionmark Block has six games in it:
Graffiti, Mii Viewer, Star Viewer, Target Shooting, Billiards Golf, and Fishing.

Graffiti: Draw things and they appear in real life on the 3DS screen. VideoLink:

Mii Viewer: The Miis you create on the 3DS have a photoshoot! VideoLink:

Star Viewer: The six AR Cards (Questionmark Block, Link, Mario, Kirby, Pikmin, and Samus) make their characters pop up on the screen. You can take photos of them. VideoLink:

Target Shooting, Billiards Golf, and Fishing: Are the main games. The videos are in a playlist with the other AR Games.

If there is anything to do with AR Cards that you don't understand, please ask.

The 3DS is coming soon!
I love the AR card software.


There are at least two other topics about cards.

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Feel free to discuss the AR cards in this existing topic. :3

future of NL >:3
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