Topic: 3DS ambassador games revealed, coming Dec, 16th

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Well at least the GBA games are better than the NES releases... the only game I played a lot was Super Mario Bros. and now I don't even play that anymore. Gonna be spending quite a few hours on my 3DS with these babies!

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Incredible selection of games, can't wait to play Mario Kart Super Circuit again and finally get to play Minish Cap and Wario Ware.



SunnySnivy wrote:

Very nice list!

A lot better than the NES games we got.

Sadly, I'd have to agree with you. I mean, if they gave us two epic Zelda games, why not toss in another EXCELLENT Mario?
And I had never heard of NES Open Tournament Golf in my lilfe... Balloon Fight was cool, but I want to be able to play it with friends. But enough about the NES games...


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I'm upset with SuperStar Saga and WarioWare: Twisted! not being on that list, but overall, it's a lot better than the NES list. Finals are going to be tough knowing all those games are right there, just begging to be played ...

Also, does this mean the NES upgrades are coming on Friday as well?

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Fire Emblem!

/me relapses into Fire Emblem obsession.



Just had a look at Fire Emblem on Youtube and that looks like a very good game (have not play that one before)



Enough said

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When the Hell are these going to be able to bought. If i were running nintendo these wouldn't even be free. buthurt over not getting them

I'm half serious right now.

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Only thing I'm bummed about is no pokemon. But we'll get a proper pokemon on 3DS soon enough. Super excited about Fire Emblem!

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THE MINISH CAP???? YES! WOOOOOO! /heart attack

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xDemon720x wrote:

@shingi Should've bought your 3DS earlier. :3

I'm gonna say it though... best... week... EVAR!

It wasn't worth that much to me at the time.

But i'm cool with this. If nintendo were truly smart the games would be available for purchase the same day as the ambassadors. Free for those guys while charging for the rest. But nintendo isn't that smart and i'll be tempted to not just get the games other ways.


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@shingi_70 - ah your not getting them, you said "hot getting them", might want to change that. I hope they sell them because if they sell these that means more would be coming, I'd like to get a couple gba games not on the list

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Minish Cap + Kirby Amazing Mirror = AWESOME

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I'm really looking forward to playing that FE game for the hundred-billionth time, and getting to play the Wario, DK and Kirby games for the first time. Oh, and Mario Kart Super Circuit was one of my favorite GBA games, and ended up losing it... It's like Nintendo knew, or something.

Edit: I also think it's odd that they locked the thread about this on the 3DS VC section and left this one. At least it was where it should be. And these weren't the same exact topics anyways. Sorry, done ranting.

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Wow! A GREAT list of games. Yes, I was disappointed that Mario & Luigi wasn't on the list, but I'm VERY happy with this list anyway. Hey, its FREE games and really excellent ones to boot! It puts the NES games we got to shame. Fantastic list. I'm especially looking forward to playing Minish Cap & Metroid Fusion again and playing Fire Emblem: Scared Stones for the first time, ditto for Wario Land 4, Kriby & the Amazing Mirror, Mario Kart...ah heck, looking forward to ALL of them!

Just wish Nintendo of America would send us that shiny bluelight already so I could stop worrying about Nintendo delaying it for us or something. Please, lets all get it the same day. It'll be the perfect early Christmas present!



Only possible problem I have with this is just that I own half of these games already. But I want to give KATAM and the FE series in general another chance and I've always wanted to play the Wario Land games other than 1 and Wii. Also F Zero!

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cant wait 2 try fire-emblem ... the rest ive played 2 deth already.


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