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I'm not sure what's going on, but it started off with my R button not working as well. Noticed this while playing Dream Team, sometimes it won't recognize a button press and sometimes it works fine. And now...Sleep Mode is being weird sometimes. The weird part being, it happens when you lay the thing on my bed. When its not closed, it'll sometimes randomly enter Sleep Mode when you put it down...and vice versa when its closed. What exactly causes sleep mode anyway? I tried pushing lightly in random spots on the back of the system but nothing happens. o_0

Anyways nothing too serious, but the Sleep Mode thing...well, I just wanted to post something about it and see if anybody knew what was going on. (I think the R-button issue is common, lol)


Sleep mode is controlled with magnets I think.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Yeah, like Morphtorok said, it's caused by magnets.
You could put a DS Lite on top of a 3DS when open and it would go into sleep mode, but apparently it could damage your system.

Also with the R button thing, just give it a blow.

Yeah, really just wrap your lips around the R button and blow into it, it should work again.
That's a common problem, my R button stopped working and that is how I fixed mine, you might have to keep doing it when it stops though.
It's apparently caused by dust.

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My son's XL is acting weird too. First the back won't snap back in place completely, then the 3D stopped work and finally the volume won't turn down. When the switch is at the bottom you can still hear sound.

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Don't blow on the R button. It will temporarily fix it, but it will be worse in the long run.

The moisture from your mouth(when you blow on it) will rust the circuitry. If you need to clean electronics, always use compressed air.

As the the sleep mode thing, and if compressed air doesn't help the R button, you may need to call Nintendo.


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R button thing, canned air will work wonders most times, if that doesn't work you'll need to send it in to be repaired, SCAR392 is correct that blowing on it can make matters worse.

For the sleep mode, the sensors may be loose, or there may be some magnetic thing on your bed if that's the only place it happens. If it is only on the bed, then just don't use it there, if it's other places you should send it in for repairs.

@mumof3kids82 .... sounds like your son's unit is just wearing out or is dusty, the snapping wears out after a while on everything, it's the nature of such parts. The volume may be a flaw in the wiring or a dust particle in the resister, the sliding thing that tells the system what volume to produce, thus decreasing the resistance. Try canned air on that, the clicking mechanism will have to be replaced most likely, though that could be caused by dust as well so try the canned air on that as well.

On a funny note: Canned Air, the duct tape for geeks.

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It's not dust though. I've took off the back and put it back on & it worked for a week. Then he dropped it & it stopped working again.

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Well if it does end up needing repairs I could probably deal with it for another month or so...since I'm low on money.


just don't blow on it(especially the R button the notification LED will go nuts!!! O.o) have you tried cleaning it with a new unused dry toothbrush? that's what Nintendo recommends for it. though it didn't work for me and in 2 weeks it stopped entirely... then I had to pay R$160.00(about $80 maybe more maybe less) in the repair.... but it only took 30 min to get fixed!

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